Sunday, August 10, 2014

100,000 Hits Special!

My blog finally hit 100,000  visits !!  Well  that was about 2 weeks ago but I was holidaying in Port Dickson when that happened. I was thinking of a special post to commemorate that since then. Why not I let my ensemble of MOCs do the talking =)

Lead by my first Optimus Prime MOC in the middle  (building instructions here), the earliest MOC of the lot, a BIG BIG THANK YOU to you guys out there for the support. 

Blog Trivia:
  • this blog started its life on 1st Sept 2011 . This means it's gonna be 3 years old soon! 
  • The most visited blog post here is ,as expected... Instructions for Optimus Prime , with 3600++ visits so far. 
  • Most of the visitors ended up in my blog from googling instructions for LEGO Transformers.
Most of these MOCs  you see here  are recent  5 years of my works, and they consist of about 40% of all LEGO Transformers that  I created since my first beginning about 10 years ago.

I am taking this chance to wipe the layers of dust off my detolf cases where these MOC originally were put. 

The footprint of this TV table is 4 x 2 feet. Once showcasing my modest LEGO town with train scene (and few Masterpiece TFs), I levelled the whole town because its been gathering dust (the studs on the LEGO roadplates are particularly hard to wipe clean)
More Trivia:
  • I wish to accomodate my non-Transformers MOC , the transforming mecha made from official sets... but I'm running out of space on the table .
  • Opps.... I missed out Springer (instructions here) . He was put in storage after I brought him out for display in C2AGE, a local Anime/Cosplay exhibition few months ago.
  • Oppps #2:  I missed out Afterburner too! He's there on the 2nd tier shelf (above the LEGO Airport in bike mode.

The grey toned MOC on the middle is a repaint and retooled version of my Triple Changer Broadside . I swapped his color and modded him a bit... and submit its photos to  Transformers:Dark of the Moon Competition by UIP Group ,which demanded an original Transformer idea. However, my other submission , Nitrotrux (derived from Ultra Magnus) won instead. 

Above, Decepticon Triple Changer Snapdragon is surrounded by fellow Autobots Ironhide,RachetHardhead and Grimlock.

On the right side, above... is Victory Leo. His other significant half, LEGO Star Saber , was put in storage. I actually had swapped a few parts from Star Saber for my recent MOCs, so he's not fit to be in photoshoot. 

After seeing previews of upcoming Masterpiece Star Saber... I am VERY VERY inspired to rebuilt another one using LEGO before this year ends,especially when LEGO balljoint technology courtesy of Mixels seemed very useful for this purpose.

Ahh... the 3 yellow guys above , infamous Constructicons trio . I've been trying to finish the remaining 3 (and form Devastator), but ideas seemed to elude me.

And once again.... Thank You!!!

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