Sunday, August 24, 2014

Towmecha TM-6656 , Highway Defender!


Afters years of resisting social media (read: no Facebook account), I managed to focus on doing the things I like with minimal interruptions (so it seems). But this came at the expense of not getting much exposure . This year  I made a point to mingle around more because it's getting pretty lonely here .

I managed to join a few local AFOL groups and I am enlightened with the passion all over, especially on fellow MOCers and collectors of vintage sets. So this was brought to my attention again....

Yes.... my very first LEGO set as a kid! I'm not sure if having a different "first LEGO set" will change my subsequent destiny much , but this set 6656 is the seed that started it all.

While remisnicing the good "young" times, a bulb just lighted up on top of my head....

01/01/2022: HD Video is up!

Click here if video is not showing.

And as usual, for me, sudden impulse to MOC building must not be suppressed.  I wanted to pay homage to set 6656 by bringing it to this new century with whatever building skills I managed to acquire till now.


  • Initially I aimed to make a flatbed truck (not unlike set 60017 ) , but it will be lacking distinct features, so the homage is not strong enough. Then the red boom and claw  was added in.
  • This is my first MOC utilizing the newly introduced small balljoints featured in many Mixels set. I must say, thank you very much.... it helped alot! 
  • I have ONLY a pair of blue doors, but one with obvious color deterioration. I use it still in this MOC . And since the vehicle is almost symmetrical (except of the placement of hand held tools), I snapped most of the photos from one "good side", and then flipped a few of the photos (after switching the position of the tools of course). hehehe....
  • The red boom and hook/claw  took me dozens of reiterations before it ended with the version shown below. Not only the claw must touch the ground, it should look good when not in use /idle, and also in mech mode.

Upgraded tow truck means updated towing mechanism. Shown above in idle mode, you'll be surprised with the versatility of this red boom and claws later on.

The clearance of the side of the cab is only 1.5 stud wide, so adult (and older kids even) fingers like mine will be having a hard time putting in the minifig. So I must implement the hinged, opening roof.

"Hi there! I am Bob, the son of the guy that drove the original 6656 tow truck!"

The towed car came from LEGO City's 2014 set 60060: Auto Transporter.  I specifically bought that set for a photoshoot alongside my previous Ultra Magnus MOC


The minifig must be taken out from the vehicle before transforming. Otherwise... he'll be squished. There's a platform where the driver is seated will swivel up 90 degree. (suprisingly, the minifig can be placed back into the cab in robot mode).

In vehicle mode, the red boom is secured to the base of the truck bed by  2 studs, strengthening it. I can roll the vehicle back and forth without any component wobbling or shaking (videos coming soon!)

One of my favorite transformation: How the front bumper flaps folded under and wrap around the abs.


Disclaimer: This MOC  is not a character inspired nor exist in official Transformers Universe. So this is LEGO Ideas friendly MOC.  Just to let you guys know I will submit this MOC in the coming days to LEGO Ideas in hope to get it mass produced. 

The boom/claw detaches from the back to become a crossbow-like weapons.

Armed, yet not Dangerous

Contrary to popular assumptions, Towmecha doesn't shoot harmful projectiles or laser beams. 

The dual barreled rifle shoot grappling hooks to intercept and capture cars attempting to run away from fender bender and car accidents.

(In my country Malaysia, alot of reckless drivers simply dashed after causing accidents and lived another day to terrorize other innocent drivers.)

And he's doing it in style!



Super Mode

And of course , when the situation is getting out of hand, (like impending car accidents)...

 Initiating Towkay mode!!

In this mode, his main ability is to use his channel his mental thingamajig  telepathic power to halt and stop all land vehicles within the radius of  500 feet, preventing further traffic pileups. However, he can only sustain it for about 2 minutes. 

Support my LEGO Ideas!

As mentioned earlier... I am planning to submit this MOC in LEGO Ideas soon. And I seriously need all the support I could get. Register an account there if you're not already, guys! =)


  1. i think towkay mode should have more armor, maybe a towed car which disassembles then reassembles into armor (like godbomber)


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