Friday, September 23, 2022

Video Tutorial: Transformer Fembot Space Cruiser from LEGO Creator 31129: Majestic Tiger


This project heralds yet another first for me....

... the first time I broke the price-point barrier I set for myself when considering sets to build Transformers from!  I am always on a limited budget  when buying LEGO sets and most of my purchases were below USD30 per set. Not this one!


When I first set my eyes on this set  last year in a preview , without hesitation  .. it's an  immediate buy for me, despite the impending price after noticing the parts count of more than 700 pieces!

So this set was purchased at the beginning of this year (2022) together with the LEGO Creator Crocodile . And since the latter was released first (in 2021) , I decided to focus on it , and put aside this tiger set for "rainy days".


This project was started about 2 months ago and actually  I made great progress within a few days.. with about 60% completion status.  However.... due to the overwhelming number of parts from set above at my disposal.... I took my own sweet time in trying to utilize them  in the best way possible.  

As the first Transformer creation be made from any set.. I decided to opt for a low hanging fruit aka space cruiser mode for this Transformers.  And while I'm at it... I took inspiration from one of my favorite space cruiser / jet design from G1  Transformers, Misfire!

I actually made a LEGO Misfire quite a while back.

As you can see... the space cruiser mode shaping was an exaggerated version of Misfire, with longer nosecone especially. 


The hinged cockpit is quite a challenge to implement.. since I don't have many hinged part from the set to  connect it to the vehicle body. 

The rear engines was initially made with white flower petals . But they were prone to dislodge during transformation, so I was forced to modify them to look like above.

I spent the most time refining the nosecone design.  Initially it was mostly white running across the side until I discovered some unused orange wedge plates and tiles. I can't let them go to waste!


Note the rear landing gears below the wings. They were once unused ball joint ends that I implemented for the wings.  It's a last minute discovery I managed to connect a socket on it and apply some rounded parts to mimic landing gears.

Underneath the vehicle.


Fold away the nosecones.

Fold up the wing panels

Unfold the arms and straighten them 

Unpeg the arms from the vehicle body

Fold the nosecone kibbles to the back of the body. The vehicle roof also can be folded away pegged nicely to the back.

Both flanks will be pegged nicely* to form the upper body. 

Rise and shine!

*Initially I thought the strength of the ball joints can sustain the weight of the flanks and arms  without sagging in robot mode when I pose it about. But for good measures.. I decided to implement a stud on each side of the body for both flanks to be pegged onto it.  And getting this right took me a day at least!

.... and the resulting design accidentally allowed the nosecones to be pegged onto the body too. Talking about killing 2 birds with 1 stone! 









Arcee  is prominent character from G1 Transformers cartoon series.  Below is my rendition of her using LEGO Overwatch set 75973: D.Va and Reindhart set. 


Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 


White and tan colored parts are very similar. So please be careful when sorting them.

Left Arm

Right Arm

Arm Kibbles

Left Leg

Right Leg

Vehicle Roof and Nosecone

Body Flanks



Video not showing?  Click here please.

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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