Friday, September 9, 2022

Video Tutorial: Transformer Hovertank from LEGO Creator set 31125: Fantasy Forest Creatures


Well,  this project was started with an intention to build a  hovercar  Transformers, and then it was upgraded to a tank mere days before I wrapped things up.


LEGO set 31125: Fantasy Forest Creatures  was a pretty promising set to me, since it contains many hinges thanks to the owl wings design.  Many months back, I start to build my first Transformer using this set (below)

Click here if video is not showing.

After sampling and getting myself acquainted to the parts through the first project  above, I found myself having difficulty trying to conjure another one. So it leave it alone for a few months. 


As mentioned earlier,  I aimed to build a hovercar as an alternate mode for this Transformer.  Halfway through , I noticed  big gaps  on the vehicle near that needs padding up.  Then I decided to put it aside  for a week or two.

I go on to  perform substantial redesign to place a panel to cover those gaps with hinged plates. 

 I simply can't bear seeing exposed studs , and luck would have it...there are remaining round parts for me to peruse to build 2 cannons mounted on the back.

The white cockpit  is probably the most challenging component to get right. Initially it can be split into 2 halves and folded away to opposite directions in robot mode (but they ended up hindering shoulder articulations)  

A one-piece cockpit was finalized after I managed to build a hinge that allowed it to be folded adequately to the back of the robot mode.


The cannon's ability to  point up is an accidental design, thanks to the rounded plates  with c-clip.   I would've been satisfied with  them just pointing straight ahead when extended out.


Note how the leg components are secured to the vehicle body without being pegged on them. 




Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 


Left Leg

Right Leg

Body and Kibble


Video not showing? Click here please

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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