Monday, November 5, 2012

LEGO "Weaponizer" Misfire complete gallery


Misfire  is a targetmaster Decepticon binary bonded with Aimless , a nebulan "human-like" companion that transforms to become his rifle. Although he often misses than hits... as long as he's firing on everything and anything in the battlefield, he's worthy enough to serve as a Decepticon,so they said.

HOWEVER.... when he finally misplaced his weapon (aka his living, breathing companion) in a planet somewhere.., literally condemning the poor soul to his doom, Misfire was  court-martialled for gross negligence.  The punishment would be that he no longer is allowed to carry any weapons at all risking him losing them again. But this is not the end of his clumsy military career. He was given a chance to redeem himself by undergoing extensive weaponization upgrades.. allowing weapons  to permanently bonded to his mechanical body..... so finally....

"Weaponizer" Misfire is born!

So I finally managed  to explain why I made this MOC using a few lines of fan-fiction. Pretty nifty huh =)
As you will soon see, since he "merely" transforms into just ONE alternate mode... his transformation sequence is pretty generic (unfold legs, push out arms, fold back wings) and almost mimic his original G1 counterpart (as shown in topmost photo).  So it doesn't take me much time to be done with this MOC. (about 5 days ). 90% of this MOC was done over a weekend . The other 10% time was spent sprucing up its aesthetics.

Since the difficulty level in tackling his MOC is pretty low, I cant seem to think of any notable trivia worth mentioning here. But it sure felt satisfying able to deliver  in record time (challenging and complicated MOC project spanning a month or more usually made me frustrated ).

Jet Mode

"Alternate" Jet Mode ala Star Wars

Heheh... I'm pretty proud on how the foldable wings turned out. The modes below are pure afterthought.

 Transformation Sequence

'Bot mode

Misfire's absentmindedness sometimes cost him his legs... he might just flew off without them!

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