Monday, December 10, 2012

LEGO Predaking Instruction Part 5 - Razorclaw

In this final month of the year, I'm lowering my gear and taking it easy, work-wise. Thanks to my state-only public holiday (King's birthday) today.. I am able to have a day off to chill. After some fun MOC-ing since last Thursday... I almost forgot I have one more "obligation" to fulfil... which is posting this entry. 

Razorclaw , the leader of Predacons, is a mecha-Lion, and forms the body for combiner Predaking. 

For the previous 4 instructions for  the other Predacons, click the link below:

And let's move to the leader ,Razorclaw.. shall we?

After observing the final build for a few seconds... it kinda looked pretty dated. I think I might improvise the whole team using better technique/parts .

Predaking - the ultimate Decepticon weapon of mass "annilihation" !

OK... time for me to shoot some darts and see which MOC of mine next targeted for instructions.

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