Saturday, December 22, 2012

LEGO Red White & Blue

You guys must be wondering why I name  my MOC this way this time around (no its not related to Xmas) . Ah well I reckon that what you will be seeing below will need no introduction to Transformers fans, I guess I shall skip the formality of implicitly qouting his name.

And oh yes... a lil favor: Do play along with me. If you were to post any comments , don't mention the 'bot which Im homaging shall we? great!

Well after showing my friend the photos of this MOC for the first time , he mentioned that this RWB I meant to homage  be actually looked another RWB character from the same series.. well the jet mode that is. Perhaps it's the general shape of the jet mode which sways towards the other RWB he implied. Still not confused? Great!

This MOC has half the work done for me the very first hour I started to build it. I just copy the leg design from my previous MOC, Misfire . But as I go long building the remaining half , I noticed that the leg design doesn't quite cut it. So it's rebuilt again to resemble a more realistic jet back, the tailfins positioning and all.

  • If you compare Misfire's feet with this one, the front feet-backheels design were swapped coz this decision seems to offer better stability. Hence I finally can managed to snap even more photos of him in unique "outrageous" poses.
  • Wrestled with the idea of making a bigger "null ray" rifles (like the G1 toy) but it looked ridiculous in both modes . Sometimes simplicity is bliss , so I finally making them 1 brick thick and using just 5 parts each side I think.
  • I decapitated Misfire's head and modified it to be used for this MOC. hehhe..

OK.. let's move on to the photos..

Transformation Sequence

'Bot Mode

One of my favorite photo of him. The 'here's firing at you, kid!" pose.

^ The "Pledging allegience to his leader" pose.

^ Let's play some ball


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