Friday, June 17, 2022

LEGO Transformer Doubledealer Triple Changer Part 2 of 2: Bird to robot mode


Doubledealer is a triple changer with a missile carrier and bird as alternate modes. 

If you're new here, please  visit Part 1 first, to know more about this project and more photos of the vehicle , and transformation to the bird mode.



Unravel robot head from inside the vehicle.

Expand the vehicle grill.

Fold the vehicle front up.

Fold the bird legs and tails to form the the robot legs.

Split the bird chest to form robot arms.

Tuck in the bird head into the chest, and slam it shut with the chest panels.


The red highlites on the chest hinges  is a homage to the original G1 Doubledealer . Later on, I found out additional red streaks made him looked cooler too. So there!

I think the fixed wings at the back of the robot mode is the biggest trade-offs I'm forced to make for this project.

Trivia: this is the my first time applying Transformers insignia on my LEGO creations!


During the course of posing him for photographs, I faced difficulties  finding good angles due to the cannon perching on his shoulder, obscuring his head. Luckily, the cannon can be swivelled to point up.


I tried to be conservative when designing the missile-turned-gun component. This is because his elbow joint can cope with only so much weight before they sag.


Video not showing above? Click here please.


Thanks for reaching this far!

As mentioned in Part 1, this project took me more than  2 years to complete. I hope I can produce more LEGO triple changers within a span of one year , and publish at least one annually.  

Click here to view  the LEGO Triple changers I made so far. 

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