Friday, June 24, 2022

Video Tutorial: Transformer Cyclonus Jet from LEGO Ninjago 71746: Jungle Dragon (71746_cyclonus)


This is my 2nd Transformers built using set 71746: Jungle Dragon.  And this set has a lot of catching up to do!


My first TF made with set 71746 turned into a Dinosaur. And it took me months to get right! One of the main cause for this delay was due  to the poor structural integrity which I tried hard to improve.


More details on this dino.

After  the dino above was completed, I vowed not to spend  too much time building TF from a single LEGO set again!  Excessive compassion towards my projects might led to my downfall! 


One fine Saturday, I started this project  by attempting a different approach in building the robot knee joints.  I didn't think too far ahead then regarding what the alternate mode would be.   Only after I was pretty satisfied seeing how the legs folded up 180 degrees, I had a revelation:  Misfire !!

One thing led to another , and eventually this project  swayed towards Cyclonus (above), after I discovered  the sole rubbery pointy part from the set  is an excellent choice to become the jet nosecone.

And within the same weekend (day-2 actually), I managed to design the robot head too!  


After building the cruiser wings that initially will become whole robot arms with fins jutting out from the shoulders , the Cyclonus vibe was getting stronger. 

Despite not having the right parts to design a prominent looking windshield, I'm glad to discover  that the hinge mechanism that connects  the nosecone to the main body,  can masquerade as a decent cockpit with a steampunkish vibe. 

One of the last enhancements was using the golden blade to pad up the top of the vehicle.  I discovered a chance to connect  the blue tail fins on top as well. A coincidence  since I didn't know G1 Cyclonus has similar fins in the exact orientation.


Each wing splitted into 2 halves. Kinda looks like a beetle from this angle. (Perhaps it's a sign that I should build an Insecticon next from this LEGO set?)

My initial idea of having the whole wing to form robot arms were scrapped. Part of the wings needs to be distributed to the robot legs to  add more mass /stabilize them. 

In the folded panels,the pointy crest tile ideally should be aligned between the gap created from the 2 quarter-round tiles (top right)


The head was designed correctly at my first attempt. there's nothing more to improve! 

I almost succumb to spending more time on this project  , just on the minor detailings on his chest.  


Action , knee bending poses require the leg flaps to be reoriented to increase the footprint size.  This requires patience! 

Earlier in this project, I pad up the holes on the thighs with the white tooth pieces  pointing up. But one Iaccidentally popped out when I bend the thighs. This led to me rotate those tooth 180 degrees.  Glad I did. Otherwise,  poses like above (and below) will not be possible. 


Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 

Arms and Thighs

Left Leg

Right Leg


Nosecone and Flanks




If video is not showing above,click here please.

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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