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LEGO Transformer Doubledealer Triple Changer Part 1 of 2: Missile launcher to bird mode


Project Doubledealer was started at the beginning of the pandemic, around early 2020. However, I've been planning to build it many many years before that.


As a child, most of my Transformers toys were knockoffs. And back then I didn't knew they were (G1) Transformers either and assumed they're part of Japanese cartoons featuring transforming robots.

(KO of) Doubledealer was one of the more memorable one in my collection. And he's probably the only triple changer I had  back then. (until I got hold of an original G1 Sandstorm from my cousin who outgrew his toys)

Being a fan of triple changers, Doubledealer was in my to-build list for ages.  Once in a while I would  visualize on how to improve upon his original G1 version (above). Maybe the missile can turn into the bird head? What about sprouting the bird tails from the rest of the missile ? 

I think it's my over-ambitious ideas that led me to NOT starting the project early.  A classic situation of analysis paralysis there!

In recent years, Hasbro made aggresive attempts to reintroduce more and more G1 characters toys in new,  modernized forms. I actually hoped Doubledealer would be given similar chance too. Well, 2 years ago.... my wish came true (below)

The sneak preview of this new Doubledealer  toy above was made public in early  2020 (February I think) . My first impression then? A lil dissapointed. The bird mode could have been better executed , and the awkward robot  knee joints position too.

So before the toy finally made it to store shelves (around July 2020) ... I decided to start building my own Doubledealer.


I put aside my over-ambitious ideas  and decided to  turn down a notch or two for this project:
  • Try to get all 3 modes to look decent, especially the bird  mode (it deserves bigger wingspan).
  • An articulated robot mode, as expected in most of my LEGO Transformers creations.. 
  • Retain the missile function  as what it originally intended: as weapons for the robot mode.  
  • Remove the powermaster engine/figures, as their presence will affect the aesthetics of the robot mode.
Original G1 Doubledealer toy has a detachable chest plate , which is my pet peeve. I shall design this chestplate to be integrated into the transformations without detaching and reattaching it.


Video not showing above? Click here please.


Vehicle front grill was the final component to be built. The original G1 Doubledealer didn't gave me much inspiration since  its vehicle front was pretty hollowed out.

I was tempted to add more offensive features in the truck mode, like  cannons, just like the latest Doubledealer toy. But I gave that a pass, since I'm more vested on the smooth and clean surface of the truck.

Not a  fan of a boring monotone gray missile, so a pearl gold missile tip was applied.

With 3rd Party Octane (aka Provider)  and (then) Takara Masterpiece Prowl. 

With (then) Takara Masterpiece Wheeljack


To prevent enemies from interfering with the countdown towards missile launch, cannons can be deployed as a defensive measure.


Detach missile from the clamp.

Almost all of the vehicle underside is dedicated to conceal the wings.

Unravel the bird tails from inside of the vehicle .  And fold the vents/grills underneath the vehicle, too.

Release the bird legs from the back of the vehicle.  

The bird claw design really put me in a dilemma with dozens of redesigns. Halfway through, I simply can't make up my mind between a more organic look (final design) vs something that will blend nicely  in vehicle mode.   

Unravel the bird head.  I hoped for a single toned bird head (like his original G1 toy), but seemed like specific  parts with the color I needed simply doesn't exist yet.  

On second thought,  having a multi-toned head made it more organic-looking.

Yellow arrow is the connection pegs to secure the vehicle cannons (they're actually robot hands )


Earlier I snapped some photos in light blue background but they didn't do justice to the bird's head with similarly toned blue. So those batch of photos were discarded. 

The positioning of the wings in idle/standing pose, made possible with the flexible ball joints allowing these wings to be angled in various ways.  

As one of the final enhancements, I modified the chest plates to allow the wings be connected to them, further strengthening their positions.

The achilles hell's for this creation is the bird's feet.   They're too weak to hold the body up. So  the pose above took me almost forever to prop up! 

The clip circled in red is the connection point for the missile. 


After many frustrating attempts  to stabilize the bird mode upright on the surface, and still failed to get good angles/ poses, I decided  to perch it up on a white pillar (which later edited out in post production).  


It's photo like above  that made me glad I finally settled for an organic claw design.


Click here to proceed to part 2 and see how the bird transforms into the robot mode.


  1. Quick question, You mentioned a couple of years ago that your Decepticon turned Autobot "Arcane" was possible linked to Dobledealer(your MOC).In your headcanon, what's the relationship between these two, are they the same character with defend names and forms(like your [I think] earlier Alphaplex with Megaplex), or were they friends, family, dudes who shared similar bodytype. Long story short, what is the links between Arcane and Dobledealer(in universe)

    1. I'd say they shared same ancestral genes .. hence the triple changer ability with similar alternate modes (bird + truck). they could be cousins or siblings

  2. Can Dobledealer military vehicle mode hold a driver, because for some reason to me his cockpit looks Mini-figure compatible.

    1. Nope. cockpit too small really for a lego minifigure to be placed inside ... its about 2 studs wide as you can see from the photos.


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