Friday, January 7, 2022

Video Tutorial: Transformer Vector Prime from LEGO Ninjago 71718: Wu's Battle Dragon


In official Transformers lore, Vector Prime is  one of the 13 Primes, and he's appointed to be the guardian of space and time. He is also a prominent characters in Transformers: Cybertron series (Galaxy Force in Japanese version)  shown in the early 2000s.


I did not own a toy of Vector Prime, because my initial opinion on him was that he had simplistic transformation.  I came to regret this  years later... after I discovered that he's quite a versatile toy with many fan-modes by the dozens. 

This project is my fourth one, using set 71718: Wu's Battle Dragon.  Click here to view previous ones.


My first 3 projects from set 71718 were mechanical Transformer beasts and creatures. So why not a vehicle this time around? 

Initial idea was a generic space cruiser, but eureka moment struck when I discovered the 4 awkwardly shaped triangular parts  were suitable as wings for Vector Prime's cruiser mode.  It took me a while to connect those parts to form something similar to Vector Prime's cruiser wings, but I'm glad I did it. If I failed to get the wings correct.... I wouldn't proceed  further with the project and build the rest of him.


With official Vector Prime toy (inset). 

The hardest component to get right was the vehicle nosecone! I don't have allowances of many LEGO plates to peruse, so I gotta make use of smaller parts to build the nosecone. 

One of the finishing touches to this built was "sharpening" the wings with claws to make them less blunt.

The hinged landing gears design was accidental. I ran out of parts to bulk up the nosecone, so it's padded with whatever leftover parts from the set/


Unlatch the feet from the vehicle body

One of the pleasant surprise that I never anticipate was how the wings folded just nice to the back of the robot, on top of the folded nosecone, without me making deliberate changes to the design.


Happiness is where I'm able to apply extra details like his cannon feet to my creation, and also the croth plate too.

Note how I prefer to have his wings facing upwards rather than down as shown the original toy. This can improve the articulations.


To make up for having no weapons and sword to be wielded, Here's him in attack mode with his wings pointing overhead to emit /shoot  (enter choice of projectiles and beams here).


After the photos above were snapped, I decided to make minor changes to the legs to strengthen them. The following video tutorial will reflect this improvement. 


Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 







Video not showing? Click here please.

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 


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