Sunday, December 26, 2021

LEGO Transformer Fortress Maximus version 4


Fortress Maximus (Fort Max) is one of the biggest Transformers to ever came out of the original G1 cartoon series aired in the 1980s. And the toy version of Fort Max was the biggest Transformer toy ever produced back then.


This is my fourth Fort Max built using LEGO so far. The first 3 versions were made more than 10 years ago, when I was in my formative years as an adult LEGO TF builder. 

Before you continue, click here to visit a page focusing my earlier LEGO Fort Maxes. Only then you might fully appreciate this latest version 4 here.


This project was started  back in March 2021,  as a form of "escapism" from my other more complicated LEGO triple changer projects in various stages of completion (and some still are, as I'm typing this).  Fort Max was chosen because of the perceived simplicity, something I could easily build using LEGO without breaking my brain.

Primary objective of this project was to recreate Fort Max to be as close as possible to his original G1 toy version (above), with enhanced articulations as usual.  And there's a few stuff that I would love to improve over his G1 form, too.  

Compared to version 1 and 3, I have opted for a much smaller scale this time, to prevent myself from over-engineering* my projects.

*bigger scale allowed for more details and potentially unnecessary features to be added. I might go nuts given such opportunities, and distract from the primary aim of the project.


The simplest mode of them all: Just him lying flat on his back with arms raised, and towers extended out from his waist.

My bigger scaled earlier versions of Fort Max had structural problems with their spaceship modes, since very strong joints are needed to prevent the entire ship from sagging when I picked them up. This latest version 4 have the problem rectified.

At the rear of the ship, the robot fingers positioned outwards to become 3 cannons guarding each side. 

The head placed and partially blocked by the panel in spaceship mode.

To align the ship's front /robot legs together, I introduced a  bridge between them to act as connector.  

Due to the scale, I can only implement one red cannon per leg, as compared to two in the original Fort Max toy. 


The 3-stud long Technic liftarms were one of the finishing touches  to cover up the top of the towers
formed from both legs.


Opps.. I've forgotten to rotate the robot head to face the other way!

Hello there little buddy!!


I accidentally discovered image of G1 Fort Max's toy patent featuring a different base mode configuration (below). I shall name it as Mode B.

I think this is the "attack mode" configuration, with the base in lockdown: all entrances sealed, ramps retracted. and weapons deployed. 

Yeah, I've forgotten to raise the ramps above and it's vulnerable to infiltrations. And I prefer to have the black roof be folded to the back this time.

One of the longer cannons reattached to the top of the tower, which is my preferred configuration not possible with the original G1 toy of Fort Max.


At chosen scale, I have to abandon the idea of implementing waist cannons. I applied the red streaks to pay homage to that feature.

Instead of the tower halves pointing downwards, they are hinged to be folded up instead, to make for a neater back kibble.


Below is the official box art for G1 Fort Max. One of my pet peeve towards the original Fort Max was how stout he looked. 

I decided to lessen his stoutness by reducing the bulge at the center of his body, and adding an extra layer of pelvis.

Oh hi again, my young green friend!

Again, something I couldn't replicate from the original toy: Getting the white ramps to be folded away neatly.

Initially, the black chest box was too close to the head, making it impossible to turn his head around. This was fixed by shifting both chest boxes a plate further away from the center/neck joint. 


"Now I can turn my head to almost any direction I wanted!"


One of the coolest poses from the whole lot... wielding two guns at a time !


Both guns combined into one so his other hand is free  to punch a hill or (foe of the same size).


Well, this put a fitting end to my LEGO adventures for the year 2021. 

I hope you guys too.. are satisfied and inspired  by my creations this year.   Next year will be more exciting with me shifting my focus to Japanese Transformers: Victory Series
Thank You and Happy New Year folks!

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  1. In a comparison, if V1/V3 Lego FortMax is like the Armada Prime figure, this one ends up being the "Bendy Prime" equivalent.


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