Thursday, June 25, 2020

LEGO Creator 31090 Underwater Robot Alternate Design aka BumbleSea v2

My shelf  dedicated to alternate builds from official LEGO sets, has already reached critical mass. So I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning... 

... and I spotted one of my old creations from yesteryear that stuck out like sore thumb. BumbleSea, built from set 31090 was one of my weakest creation (below).  He's not just fragile, but the robot mode proportions/shaping is poor when displayed alongside his other peers..

Initially I planned to dismantle him for parts to be used in future projects. But I can't help to reboot this project, and build a better version of him, using the same set, obviously. The rest is history.

Hovercar Mode

This time around, I won't be using the windshield from the set in my creation.  

Simple Transformation

Robot Mode

Compared to BumbleSea v1, this version is much more solid with parts firmly connected together.

My favorite design is looping the hose around his shoulder to bulk him up. 

One thing I need to sacrifice for his better aesthetics is not able to implement a neck swivel for him , which was present in v1.

Despite awkward design on the shoulder joints, he still can wipe his sweat off his head, a pose that not many LEGO Transformers are able to perform.

With 2-headed Dragon Transformer building from set 31102

Tankhead Mode

Back-mounted jet engines/boosters turn into cannons,replacing his head for a while. Tankhead is a  term to describe robot head/upper body shaped like a tank turret.

Having a blast (or two) with  Tankhead Mech I made last year.

Wait! There's More!

Well, this mode is a bit of a sitting-duck.


Click here if video is not showing above.


  1. cool! im waiting for instruction,

  2. It looks more like the cybertronian mode

    1. Now you mention this, I actually is almost done with Bee's G1 cybertronian mode. Just a lil finishing touches and it'll be published in about a week or two from now

  3. It looks a lot like the jugle master megazord 😃


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