Sunday, June 2, 2019

LEGO Tankhead Mecha with a twist

I can't believe I did this. Seriously.

About few weeks ago I was browsing Bricks Mecha Division (a FB group dedicated to LEGO mechas ) and discovered a tankhead challenge was underway. Well the idea is to create a mech with a tank (turret) on top...  or other forms of recognizable vehicles (like a plane or even a ship).   What came to mind for me then was Transformer G1 Warpath since he has a tank top as his upper body and arms sprouting from it. 

However... I decided to join the tanktop challenge after I spent about 30 min thinking about how the turret design can be potentially turned into robot legs.Note that this challenge doesn't require the mecha to transform.. its just me that wanted it so :)

And so I'm on my way, building without a particular color scheme in mind until about a week later. 

The turret can rotate a complete circle / 360 degrees.

Flaps open to reveal missile racks. And here's Rudolph the Transformer that I made last Xmas. 

Manually overriding this puppy  to roll over and bark.

Initially this mech would be bipedal with huge legs  , that would end up forming the robot chest and arms. However... I  can't seem to conceal the robot hands inside such design. So the idea was scrapped.

Transformation to Robot Mode

Cannon barrels concealed behind the legs.

Breakdancing, anyone?

Front and back part of the mecha now merge to form the upper body  (think clamshell) . Two front mecha legs will contribute mass to the robot shoulders. The rear mecha legs will be tucked to tbe back of the robot mode.

Robot Mode

Like most of my LEGO Transformers, this robot has tons of articulations from top to toe.

Action Poses

Did somebody said "Iron Man" ? 

Did somebody said "Monkey King?" 

Bipedal Tankhead Mode!

This , too qualify as a tankhead. The robot head can be concealed , to make way for the turret on his back to replace it.

Quadblasters Mode

As the name implies, Quadblaster mode activates 4 simultaneous laser beams blasting out at the same time over his shoulders. 

Puppy Dog Mode!

When Not on Active Duty...

With Masterpiece Hot Rod/ Hot Rodimus

Tending to his goat


Hanging out with the boys at the car park.

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