Tuesday, April 30, 2019

(Updated with video) LEGO Transformer RMS Titanic Ship aka Titanicus

"RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Of the estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, more than 1,500 died, making it one of modern history's deadliest commercial marine disasters during peacetime."

The short introduction above was taken directly from RMS Titanic's wiki page .  


Actually a toy version of Titanic-turned-robot exists long before I decided to build it using LEGO. (Google "Titanic-bot" if you're curious ).  Last year I was commenting on a FB post related to this and out of whim, I said I might build it one day. Actually at that time I didn't had a clue on how to get started!

About month ago when I was busy juggling between 2 LEGO Transformers project, I spared a bit of time to think of something for this month's FB Lego Transformers group #mashup challenge. It's either Titanic OR Airwolf.  So there :)

About this Project

Since the length:width ratio of this ship is about 10:1.. .I've chosen  a 4-stud width  and this ended up with 38 studs long ship.  After almost building myself into a corner  (I can't fit the robot head anywhere), I almost decided to widen the ship to 5 studs . Odd number studs width will require extensive redesign so I didn't proceed with it, and find other alternatives to hide the head.

I spent ALOT of time sculpting the font and rear of the ship. Countless hours looking at illustration of Titanic and trying to capture its curvature.  One of the most satisfying part was building the rear , propellers and all.

At the beginning of the project, I was forced to implement short funnels, as they kept getting in the way during transformation to robot mode. Then I redesigned the transformation to allow for longer funnels . Read on to find out how they finally become practical components in this built.

The masts on both ends were "erected" last before I wrap this project up. 

The minifigure axe is just PERFECT as the rudder! Since I don't have the red version, I'll make do with a transparent red one. Looks like gummy candy yum!

Under the hull are the complicated-looking hinged components to form the robot mode.

Let's set Sail!

Ice-breaker Mode

This mode turns the masts into  2 supercharged rods that emits superheated beams to disintegrate target and clear the way. Secondary cannons shoot projectiles that could  shatter huge objects into millions of  pieces  .

This mode requires the ship to be stationary.

Transformation to Robot Mode

Trivia: Initially ball joints were used to raise up both white decks to required position above, but their holding power were weak so they kept sagging. Then I swap them with normal hinged joints (c-clip and bar).

2 of the funnels help to hold the newly formed back kibble in place.

Flaps under the hull folded to form robot feet

Another longer flap rise up to form the head and collar. Two funnels now tucked inside the chest, making it fuller.

Robot Mode!

The blue technic pics at the back of his legs are the connection pegs to secure the ship deck/floors to the hull. Now they look like scary Totem Poles from this angle .

Both masts now mounted on his forearms.

Robot In Action!

The ship deck/building at the front and rear has different windows formation (replicated here using transparent red/orange parts).  That's why both sides of his chest has different number of windows.

^ One of my favorite photo from the bunch.

"Gimme a drum or two and lemme bang on them!"

Saving the Best Poses for Last!

It's a coincidence really the photos below are related to football/soccer.


Clowning around , defending an imaginary goalpost.

Here's a kicker (uhmmm.... two actually): The poses above required him to lean on the back wall. 

Thank you for reading and viewing till the very end!! I hope you enjoy every single  (or at least every other) photos I uploaded here.

09/10/2019: Update! Official video of Titanicus now up in my youtube channel!


  1. I had that titanic-bot toy as a kid, I got one at the local drug store, still have it somewhere. This brought back memories and was awesome~

  2. You should show the instruction to make it


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