Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Instructions for LEGO Transformer using Creator Set 31004: Fierce Flyer

This is yet again my "no ball joints? no problem!" moment! As you can see...

.... ball joints are important (for me) in building articulated LEGO Transformers, and this is one of my major criteria in picking LEGO sets to buy for such purpose.

More than a month ago (I think), I was very bored and restless due to being grounded/cooped up at home due to Covid pandemic. So I plucked this old set* (31004) to keep myself occupied for a while.  

*I actually opened this set before when it came out in 2013 and bought an extra  copy from clearance.

The set doesn't have any ball joints but tons of other frictional joints and parts with bars and c-clips. And most importantly..... there are Technic bricks with holes and also hinged Technic pins to connect to them . That's a good start for me to build the pelvic joints. I have a habit of starting my LEGO TF from the pelvic joints, since it's easier to visualize which parts go to the upper body, and which parts become the legs.

Space Cruiser Mode

If it's in monotone gray/black ..... it could pass off as a Klingon warship.

The side view reminds  me of a winged hover-cycle with saddle for the rider at the front.

There are a few more wing configuration modes which I am not showing here. Perhaps you guys can fiddle around with it and discover them :)

Robot Mode

The lack of ball joints means I must make do with limited shoulder range of movement.


About 2 weeks ago I started to seriously endear myself to LEGO to learn how to digitize my creations. So here's one of the outcome. No more tediously snapping and editing sequence of photos for instructions!



Body, Head and Kibble

Merging the Body with (back) Kibble

Please scroll up and refer to the robot mode photos to know how to connect the limbs together.  

  • More free building instructions  (mostly from official LEGO sets)


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