Saturday, August 3, 2019

LEGO Triple Changer Broadside v2 Part 2 of 2: Robot Mode

Broadside is a triple changer from G1 Transformers cartoon series from the 1980s.

New here?  Please proceed to Part 1 to view photo gallery of Broadside's ship and jet mode and their transformation between those 2 modes.


Transformation to Robot

Retract the jet engines and shift the landing gears to the side. 

Push the wings forward and unhinge the back of the jet.. form the legs

And He's Done!

Yes.... that's the faux windshield on his chest. Here's an illustration of him for comparison

Note the jet engines forming his round bosoms. 

If you watch closely.. his wings are propped up by the gray hull panels made from mini ball joints.

More Poses

I really should photoshop a fireball conjured between his palms

Wielding Hull-raiser the Axe

Why it's name Hull-raiser? Part 1 has the answer!


Occasionally he uses his axe to scratch his back.

Once overheard in a Cybertronian Bar : that he's a hit with the fembots thanks to the axe effect.

With Rifle

Unlike his original G1 toy where an axe and a gun was provided, I made his axe turns into a gun. More than meets the eyes eh.


I hope I can show him pointing his gun straight ahead but the choice of elbow joints I implemented are too weak.

When Not on Active Duty...

With Snapdragon and Rodimus Prime , also triple changers I built recently.


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