Monday, July 22, 2019

(Updated with Video) LEGO Triple Changer Snapdragon version 3

This is one of the rare occasion where I take out my previous LEGO TF and improve upon them. This is because I usually prefer to start from a clean slate each time I start building a new LEGO TF . Snapdragon is one of the exception here.  

I made version 2 of Snapdragon (above) back in the year 2012 (click here for more photos), and made 2 extra copies meant for an exhibition few years later, to show all the 3 modes for visitors to see.

Recently I'd thought he could be improved and refined further with newer LEGO parts like mixel ball joints  and slopes, with minimal changes to his transformation style. What was meant to be a quickie  project ... ended with extensive enhancements over 2 weeks time.

Jet Mode

The jet engines on both sides had undergone quite a few design iterations before I settled for above.

With his weapon connected on top of the jet.

The rear engines  must be blue coz that's the dino arms  latching onto the engines.

Transformation to Dino Mode

Thanks to new LEGO inverted slopes (next to the windscreen), the jet nosecone can bend elegantly to form dino tail.

The small beast arms unlatched  from the  rear of the jet mode. 

Permission to Roar?


Old version of Snapdragon's beast head (right) looks stoned and with buck teeth. 

Recent  LEGO sets offered me a bunch of medium azure blue colored parts. Just perfect for Snapdragon's color scheme!

Transformation to Bot Mode

Thanks to mixel ball joints implemented on the dino arms.. they're flexible enough to be tucked into robot legs together with the dino head.

The jet nosecone now tucked in more neatly to the back of the robot mode,as opposed to the previous version (below), that juts out like a sore thumb.

Of course... a new Snapdragon demand a new head design too! 

Robot  Mode

So did I get the color scheme close to the original G1 toy of Snapdragon (inset) ?

The new shoulder joint implementation allowed for better articulations for the arms.

Kickass Poses

Old Snapdragon was hindered by the jet engine kibble on his shoulder when it comes to poses that require him to raise his arms pointing to certain directions.

Version 3 here solve this problem simply by implementing a hinged mechanism on the shoulder kibble. Note how they fold out of the way when arms are raised.

With Weapon

Heroes eeer villain's landing with his rifle as  crutch.  Due to his thick calves.. his knee articulations is limited to about 90 degree at best. So he can't really squat.

And Finally....


  1. Brilliant! But you forgot his dark red dragon head accents again :(
    I still love your design though!

    1. Uhmm well I deliberately not applying that red accent coz it looks like a blood smear across his face.

  2. Whoa a 4 changer! It looks great in all forms. I don't know how you do it. If only Lego would make some official sets like this.


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