Monday, August 19, 2019

Digital Instructions for LEGO Transformer Microscope from set 70842: Emmet's Couch Mech!

If you're new here, check out the official photo gallery/blog post for this LEGO Creation first. Interested to build one ? Let's go!


Credits in preparing this digital instruction goes to Antonio Nasella aka TheMaster .  Thank you so much!

If you are up to the challenge,  try Challenging Version below, where building instructions are compact, just 10 images worth.  Children might require adult supervision, though.

There's a newbie version  too, with about thrice as many instruction steps, suitable for beginners. Just keep scrolling down to look for them.

Note: A few required parts were taken from LEGO minifigures in the set.


Done building the components above?  Refer to official gallery of this creation to connect them together.

If you're having difficulty following the Challenging Version above, try follow the Newbie Version below.


Left Arm

Arm in 2 angles

Shoulder joint in 2 angles

Right Arm

Arm in 2 angles

Shoulder joint in 2 angles



Completed pelvis shown in few angles.


Orange parts courtesy of Unikitty from this set.

Left Leg

At this point... you are free to apply the tiles in any way you wanted onto the bare leg.

Leg shown in 2 angles

Right Leg

Leg shown in 2 angles

Legs (connecting them all)

The following is the left thigh with knee hinge

The following is the right thigh with knee hinge

Merging the thighs with the rest of the legs.

The 1x3 dark gray plate shown at the middle above was taken from Unikitty figure. This is a part with a few dots printed on it.


Note the white mug used for this component

Scope Hinge

Completed hinge should be able to swivel to follow the orientation above.

All Done? Yay...!! 

Hope the instructions above are clear and direct . Ready to put them all together? Click here to refer to completed photos of  this creation in various angles to assist you.

Waitaminute. Where's the head?

There are just a handful of parts left after building the above components. Your final challenge ..... build the head yourself  with those parts. Don't worry.. it'll be very easy! 

"Thank you for building me!"


  1. i almost have all the parts to build this guy without the set

  2. Where is the building of the head

    1. When you're done with the robot body, just a handful of parts left from the set to build the head. It shouldn't be hard to figure this out .

  3. esta loco lo hice y esta muy lindo


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