Wednesday, November 22, 2017

LEGO Rodimus Prime Part 3 of 3: Transformation to robot mode


Rodimus Prime transform into a futuristic sportscar with a trailer. He also turns into a weapons platform/base mode. 


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He Arrives...

Rubber tires cushioning his  butt allows him to sit anywhere with comfort.

Of all the engineering challenges to build this guy , I am particularly proud of how his legs were done. The vehicle mode /trailer is blocky and my aim from day one was to form a more curvy legs  from the vehicle panels.  And the legs color to have more gray as well. This means turning the red panels inside out.

His chest compartment concealing the Matrix of Leadership.

The matrix handle is too small for him to grasp. So here I just let it rest on his fingers.

Shoulder mounted cannons pointing upwards to target airborne enemies. 

In his official toy incarnations.. the arm mounted cannons become the intakes  in his vehicle mode. For my version of Rodimus... These cannons were concealed inside the vehicle mode. 

With his Trusty Rifle

Despite being a right-handed person (me , not Roddy) ... I discovered that I "subconsciously" posed  my MOCs holding weapons using their left hand.   Weird huh. OK... time for a switch!

I actually designed his rifle "sparingly" because Rodimus' shoulder and elbow balljoints can't take the load of holding a heavy rifle. Some of the poses requiring him to aim his rifle straight ahead failed. that's why he kept pointing his rifle up!

A Change in Mood

These are the final batch of photos to be snapped. 

Murphy's law almost struck me here! During the beginning of this project, I planned to pose Rodimus like his illustration above  but totally forgotten about ensuring the length of his rifle to be long enough to reach his ankle. Glad things turned out fine.

Mixed Shots

Height Comparison with Masterpiece Hot Rodimus

Casually guarding love letters sent by Arcee. Springer might pounce on him anytime to intercept them.

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