Thursday, January 18, 2018

LEGO "former" Targetmaster Sureshot

About Sureshot

Sureshot is a Targetmaster Transformer from G1 Transformers cartoon series. The term Targetmaster means that he is binary bonded to a Nebulan (a human-like race) from planet Nebulos where the Transformers carried their war over and disrupt the peace there . His Nebulan partner transform into a weapon to be used by him and can be mounted on top of his vehicle mode.

The toy incarnation of Sureshot from the 80's shown below contains a pet peeve of mine:  Wheels/huge kibble mounted on his waist/butt. I didn't personally own this toy but his proportion looks pretty good aside from the placement on those wheels in robot mode.

About this Project

When it comes to building LEGO Transformers.. I am usually guided by impulse. Project Sureshot was started at the end of last year (December 2017), where I suddenly felt like wanting to make something simpler that wouldn't take me months to complete. Sureshot came to mind and I got more that what I bargained for: I almost completed building him in a week, and his other peer by end of last month. I stopped there and then to prepare the video below of my works for 2017.

And it's 2018!

So it's high time I put a closure to Project Sureshot.


The orange colored spur sticking out  near the front wheels are last to be built. I need to ensure they're not flimsy and pop off easily.

What you see above aren't robot fingers in disguise.

I decided not to implement Targetmaster feature for Sureshot, so his weapon is just...a weapon. It would look real silly to have a LEGO minifigure transforming into a small weapon. Another concern of mine is that the minifigure-turned-rifle might be  too heavy to be held by Sureshot's hand.  

The original toy allowed the rifle be pegged right in front of the windscreen, which is kinda counter productive as it obstruct the view. So I have it be placed on top of his vehicle roof instead.


The hinged red plate unfolded to peg and secured to the calf. This design is totally accidental actually! Initially the hinged red plate purpose was merely to add more mass to the knee .

To form the chest and waist,  the vehicle front panels were collapsed to the back

Initially , the rear wheels on his back protruded way out with visible gap from the body. I redesigned the wheel axles to fold inwards next to his shoulder joints to fill in the gap . The gray trapezoid on his back acts as a guide for the wheels to tuck in symmetrically and prevent them from wobbling out of place.

And We are Done!

The red spur on the back of the vehicle is one of the last feature to be implemented. They're added in  to stabilize the feet, which were compromised by the free-wheeling tires.

Yes, I deliberately have the forearms studs facing inwards to mimic the original toy's yellow forearms. 

The great battle of Nebulon left a visible scar on his left leg.

Does the pose above reminds you of one iconic character from Street Fighter game?

With Weapon

Parting Shots

He's practicing his sniper skills.

All my LEGO TF should have the ability to show the "!!!!!!!!!!!!"  pose.

We shall see Sureshot again with his peers in my upcoming LEGO TFs

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