Sunday, May 7, 2017

LEGO Triple Changer "Arcane" Part 3 of 3: Robot Mode

So here we are guys...... the final instalment of  my project Arcane. ! New here? Do visit Part 1 and Part 2 before proceeding below. Thanks! =)

Starting the transformation from vehicle mode is much easier on the eyes. Again, we rotate the crane /boom to the back, and split the vehicle mode into two halves.

A gap was left in my design so that I can use my finger to pry the hinged component out to allow the foot to be rotated and folded in place. That hinged component is actually the heel, and frictional hinges must be used to form these heels to sustain the weight of the whole robot body.

Shoulders are formed, and both vehicle windshield cum arms folded to the side.

The crane top flap unfolds to reveal bird legs. You will notice the robot head on the flap too.

Rotate the pelvis joint upright and the shoulders are folded down to create clearance for the crane to form robot chest , secured via connection point labelled.

Observe the protrusion on the bird legs (red arrow). The crane flap is folded back in , resting on that protrusions, forming the robot chest. The head is ready to be raised up from that flap now.

Turn the body around, the hinged part between the waist and upper body is still wobbly. The vehicle bumpers on his butt contain hinged mechanisms to peg onto the upper body  to secure it to the lower body. 

The legs are not done yet until the vehicle fenders from the back is folded and tucked in nicely on the legs to provide them with more mass. 

There are so many ways how this can be done due to flexibility of the fenders above (credits to ball joints!) , but my choice above favored structural integrity (flaps tucked between the tyres, and heels.. reinforcing the latter) over final (pleasing) looks of the legs.

Stand the robot mode up . Not settling with the crane boom dangled like that, it's time to improve this predicament.  There's just enough clearance for the boom-turn-birdneck to go under and then over the  back of the robot mode. 

And finally, multi-jointed bird legs can now easily be folded to the back of the shoulders.

Robot Mode

Most of my past Triple changer MOCs had pretty bulky kibbles on their backs (except Octane which had none). I am striving to build more and more streamlined LEGO Triple changers in the future. 

Note how the windshield are folded way back to become the arms. If the sirens on the windshield gets any taller, the angle of folding will be reduced and that's not a good sight.  

Initially he doesn't have triangular horns on the side of his head. But since his head forms part of the vehicle crane surface, the benefit of having white horns is to enhance the vehicle's aesthetics and close a gaping hole or two.

He'll make a nice silhouette, don't you think so?

I spent quite some time arranging the position of feathers on his legs, to get the most appealing appearance in robot mode, Hope you liked 'em! 
Time for Action!

No. He's not dancing in there.

Just look at those abs!! Yes, I'm obsessed with building  LEGO Transformers with lean and tight abs.

With Targetmaster Minion Crane Chick 

I missed a great opportunity here! While fiddling around with the poses and interaction between these two, the chick would've been a decent Breastmaster, where it can become a chestplate of some sort for Arcane, while not in use as a weapon. Too late to retool them now since I'm more than halfway through photographing them.

Chick's Weapon mode

Almost Unknown Fourth Mode!

I'm reminded of Howard the Duck when I created this mode. 

Best Buddies Forever!

Fooling Around!

I hope besides enjoying the photos I published of my LEGO creations, I really hope my explanations and writeups can really help to inspire you guys to build your own LEGO Transformers. It's seriously fun I tell you! :)


  1. These are amazing! I really think you are one of the best Lego builders out there. Lego should create an official series like this with transforming models.

    I built the Wheeljock transformer from your instructions and now I got the 30158 Dino set to build the transformer from that set.

    I think you should post some of your models on sites like Rebrickable or Reddit to help get them noticed. More people need to see these.

    Also it would be cool if you made a stop motion video showing the transformations. I made a stop motion video with the Wheeljock transformer.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. All your constructions are really amazing. I would like to know which original lego set did u use to build it. i cannot find on internet and maybe the original set dont exist anymore . But my son and i would be very happy if u can give me the number of the set he really lie it and wanted to buid it.

    1. dear commenter, you can't by an official lego set to build this guy, Arcane was made by parts bought from bricklink, but you can proply buy it from brickset where he sells his mocs not made out of oficial sets.


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