Friday, August 28, 2015

LEGO Metroplex: Part 3 of 3: Base Mode

New here? Do visit Part 1  and Part 2 first before proceedng.

Transformation to Base Mode

The hinged plates on the waist are used to lock the waist joint from wobbling .Unfold the buttflap to pad his crotch (forming a base for his base mode).

Make him do a split and rotate the knees 180 degrees.

The leg now opens to form wider platforms. The foot is folded to the side to form the platform entrance, guarded by a twin-barreled cannon.

More mechanical contraptions extend out.

"I'm halfway there!"

Straighten both arms , flaps moved into place to form base towers.

This is one of the most "action packed" transformation step photo. It's almost origamic in nature. As the right chest is unfolded to form the helipladform  , the raised pillars will face 
down to help prop it  (platform will sag slightly without this pillar). The arm-turned-tower will be rotated , then shifted to the back. The shoulder cannon will now face down ,becoming another pillar to help prop up this tower.

Unlike original Metroplex,  I can't simply hide his head in base mode the tortoise way. As an alternative, I decided to turn his head into a highly-maneorvable  one-seater cockpit at the left side of the helipad. 

This is one of my final additions to my MOC here. A base will not be complete without a communication tower.

Calling Moonbase 1 and 2. Metroplex Base is now online. Over and out!

Defcon Level 0: (This means peacetime for the laymen)

In base mode, the shoulder cannons become pillars to hold up the towers.

West Platform

The mechanical arm has 2 high intensity focusing laser nozzles to help in repair work of discreet circuitry and sealing of major wounds.  They're powered independently by the red-yellow high yield solar panels on the back. (excess energy collected can be channeled to power Metroplex's various weapons) .

Cosmos is waiting for his turn to repair his dented UFO hull after enduring a meteor shower.

Humans are free to refuel , too!

Metroplex's attempt to adopt a plant yielded some results.

East Platform

The mechanical grapple arm is capable picking up object of up to  3 tonnes and the delicate sensors allows even the finest object (like glass) to be held without scratching or breaking them.

Megatron tried to taunt the grapple arm, and the consequences is uplifting.

Alternate Base configuration

One of both platforms can extend if Metroplex wish to deploy on a long strip of flat land.

Defcon 1: Battle Mode

Built-in weapons deployed to handle Decepticons attack.

 Team Metroplex!

Sixgun ,Slammer and Scamper are integral members of Metroplex. They help defends the perimeter of Metroplex especially in base mode from enemy infiltration. 

Defcon 3: Fully Weaponized / combined with Sixgun

Arms from Sixgun 

Body of Sixgun is connected via 2x2 studs  I have to retool Sixgun by modifying a part to make this happen. 

One of Sixgun's red legs-turn-rifles is connected at center, made possible through a white 2 fingered hinge on the base (refer to red arrow). 

This is a case of "Reverse Murphy's Law" where things go right without me putting effort on it. That while hinge was meant for aesthetic purpose to fill up his collar, nothing more nothing less.  Now it can be connected to the red rifle's handle tip, a matching 1 fingered hinge.

Opps.... I almost forgot to deploy the missile racks!  

Let's blast those pesky Seekers out of the skies.


Metroplex's affection for plants doesn't stop at  flowers.

Metroplex's transformation cog is located under his helipad. This is my lil' homage to one Transformers episode where his cog got damaged and unable to transform.

Hot Rod just apprehended Megatron from punching his way through the backdoor and steal the cog.


Video of Metroplex  is now available in my youtube channel.

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