Sunday, August 23, 2015

LEGO Metroplex: Part 2 of 3: Robot Mode

New here? Do visit Part 1 first before proceedng.

Let me start by showing the transformation from Mobile Battle Station Mode...

These flaps help to secure the straightened knee in vehicle modes (so that picking him up won't disrupt the structure of the MOC).  The flaps are not unhinged to tuck to the side of the legs .

The front halves of the platforms are folded up. Note that for each side, there are 2 holes on the front platform to peg into the 2 studs on the back platform (these 2 studs were seen in vehicle mode where the weapons can be pegged there).

Since the platform hinges caused a half-circle 0.5 stud protrusions , disallowing the flat soles from forming..   have implemented extra padding on them.. and also the black plates on the back of the feet too .

The 2 tyres at the back of the vehicle will be unpegged to form back-mounted cannons. The white piece located at the bottom back of the vehicle further strengthen the vehicle modes. It's now unpegged to form butt-flap .

As the shoulder mounted cannons tend to fall over backwards sometimes, they will be secured by swivelling down a 1x2 plate by 90 degrees.

On the right, is how the elbows are formed. The hinge is pegged down to secure both upper and lower arms.

The folded up ramp tends to disrupt the head articulation (no thanks to his head mounted cannons!)  . I designed the ramp in such a way that part of it can be shifted one-stud to the left .

Robot Mode

With Sixgun

With Legend Class Warpath 

With MP Ultra Magnus 

Weaponized with Sixgun's components

Making him hold the gun above was quite challenging due to no firm grip . And the weight of the gun puts some stress on the elbow joints when pointed straight.

Strolling-along-the countryside Pose


Oh boy oh boy oh boy...what do we have here? Flowers.. I love flowers!

Prime: This is NOT what I meant by fallback, Metroplex!*

 *85% of Metroplex's occupants complained of spine malfunction after this shocking episode.

Metroplex is not excused from Autobot periodic combat assessment training drill. His 10 minutes pushups ,however.. caused major quakes within a radius 500 miles.

Let's go to Part 3: Base Mode!

Video of Metroplex  is now available in my youtube channel.

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