Sunday, August 23, 2015

LEGO Metroplex: Part 1 of 3: Mobile Battle Station

Metroplex from G1 Transformers cartoon series  transform from a robot into a base and a mobile battle station.


This MOC took me about 3 months to complete , with a few weeks detour to build his minions Sixgun ,  Scamper and Slammer.

As a fan of baseformers, my first attempt in building Metroplex was 10 years ago (that's 2005 folks!), and few years ago.. Alphaplex (sleek version of Metroplex ). Then I found out being blocky is actually a "signature" of Metroplex.

The vehicle mode almost scrape the surface even with  the 8 wheels . I have implement 2 more wheels at middle of this mode to prevent that. I tried rolling it back and forth with no friction at all.

Weaponized Mode

 Various components from Sixgun can be connected to this battle station mode.

OK boys... We're ready for Mardi Gras. Where are my dancers?

With Masterpiece Wheeljack, Tigertrack and Prowl.

Let's move on to Part 2: Robot Mode!

Video of Metroplex  is now available in my youtube channel.

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