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LEGO Star Saber Part 2 of 2: Star Saber


Star Saber is the leader of the Autobots  in Transformers:Victory Cartoon Series.  

He consists of 2 major components: Saber, the smaller robot that turns into an Earth-like jet plane (below) ,  and V-Star.  Both of them can merge to become a bigger jet.. and also a bigger robot.

New Here? Do this First!

Part 2 here will focus on the combined modes  mentioned above.  If you are new here, I highly suggest that you  view part 1 where I focus mainly on Saber. 

Go to Part 1: Saber >>

V-Star Module

I took heavy inspiration from TakaraTomy Masterpiece (MP) Star Saber aesthetics, rather than his original G1 cartoon/toy version. Simply love the blue accented "cufflinks" on his arms!


Foldable nosecones provided clearances for arms articulations in robot mode. To prevent them from buckling from pressure imposed by the deployed landing gears,  dark gray "notches" was applied inside these nosecones.

V-Star with Saber's Jet mode

Combine to Form Super Jet

Star Saber Jet Mode


In the attempt of trying to pad up the V-Star body with more blue panels, I ended up killing 2 birds with one stone: those blue panels  helped to add more mass to his robot thighs too! (solving the problem of skinny  thigh: fat calf ratio)


Opps... the smaller jet landing gears should be retracted since they're no longer necessary upon merging.

Merge to form Star Saber robot mode!

Remove blade from underneath the jet, that was pegged earlier onto V-Star via 2 studs.

... and combine the Saber jet nosecone to form the sword.

Sliding mechanism is a luxury  in the scale of Transformers I am building. I am glad to be able to pull this off here without compromising the robot aesthetics.

The idea of  concealing his feet inside the jet body was thought out at a very stage of this project.

Saber, ready to hop on...

Note how the gold colored connectors on the chest are angled to about 40 degree's inwards. This is to align to Saber's red legs peg holes for secure connections to form the chest.  



One of the many dilemma in building this guy was on deciding the color of the upper body  frame.  The cartoon version is mostly red while the toy is dark gray.  And also  where this color ends  and the blue begins 


The red flaps on his pelvis are not completely tiled and smooth.  Read on to know why.


The blue flaps behind his knees are provisions  to  lock his knee joint in place..... when he merge with Victory Leo to form Victory Saber. This is to prevent him from toppling over from the additional backpack in this combined mode.





The landing gears on Saber's jet mode comes with an "accidental feature". It can become a hook to hang Star Saber's sword!

However..  I still prefer to let it pegged onto his waist*. That's why I exposed a few studs on his red pelvic plates to allow this.

*I discovered this feature in reviews of MP Star Saber and immediately took a liking to it!



By the time I reached this stage of photoshoot... I found out that I have exhausted both his elbow joints.  So they're  replaced with stronger ones  ,  so  he can wield the sword  successfully.


"Damnit.... I can't grasp the sword with both my hands!"




Victory Leo often loaned his mega cannon to Star Saber, no questions asked.. when the latter is in the mood to deal some heavy blows to enemies from far away.


Thanks for reaching this far!  Well,  he's not done yet.  I'll  publish the Victory Saber soon before Christmas of 2022!!   

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