Thursday, November 17, 2022

Video Tutorial: Transformer Star Destroyer (Star Wars) from LEGO Marvel set 76202: Wolverine Mech armor


This  project here really took me my surprise! "How so?", you might ask.


As the year 2022   is coming to an end, I am switching my focus  to more LEGO sets released on this year.  The following Wolverine mech  armor set 76202  is schedule to have yet another Transformer be made from it.

Many months back, I built my first Transformer from the set above, and I am very pleased with the alternate mode, a space cruiser.  (tutorial below). This made me kinda hard to move on and dismantle this fine and sleek creation!

Eventually I did, and last month I started building a new Transformer using it and hit builder's block, leading me nowhere.  Probably it's because of my insistence of using those long blades  in my creation. 

As I almost gave  up and plan to  put this set in cold storage ,  I took a last ditch effort to tinker around with the current  half-baked work in progress.... it struck me that I can contort it to become a wedge-like shape.  The rest is history!

One funny thing is.... this eureka moment happened one fine morning when I was watching reruns of an old series related to ships..... The Love Boat


The alternate mode for this LEGO Transformer  is the iconic spaceship from Star Wars:  the Imperial Star Destroyer! 

I've made quite a few Star Wars Transformers recent, some using official LEGO sets. Click here to view them.


The thruster engines at the back  of the ship was the finishing touches to this project mere minutes before I snapped these photos.











Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 





Click here if  video above is not showing

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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  • Building Instructions using Marvel Mech Armor sets.

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    1. which modle though, Is it the victory class or another type of star destroyer class(think is victory class, according to the picture you've designed it from)


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