Sunday, July 31, 2022

Transformer Aircraft Carrier (USS Nimitz) using LEGO


This project might seems straightforward and direct, but it demanded a different kind of design paradigm from me.

If you're new in this blog and my LEGO creations...   you might be screaming  "Broadside.....!!!" .  Hold on a second!  I built a LEGO Broadside  few years back (video below) , and this blog entry is an entirely new project by me.

Click here if no video is showing above.


When I was building triple changer Broadside back in 2019, I wondered... "Things could  be 10 times easier if there's only one alternate mode involved  instead of two. " And between an  aircraft carrier vs a jet fighter mode... I actually preferred the former. Maybe it's because an aircraft carrier mode is a rarity in the world of Transformers*

*the ratio is skewed disproportionately in favor of jet planes. There's probably  30  official jet fighter transformers for every one aircraft carrier equivalent.

Few months ago (around April 2022) ,  I took the opportunity to start the project: making a Transformer that turns into (just) an aircraft carrier mode.


I have been honing my building skills with  many complicated designs over the years. And they usually came with tradeoffs in the aesthetics department.  Looking back, I was perplexed too, especially when I finally produce videos on them ,  requiring me to transform these complicated specimens (ouch..!) from one mode to another, and another! 

This time.. I have decided to keep everything simple  in terms of engineering. Hopefully this change in design paradigm can  allow me to focus on the making the alternate/ ship mode to be as realistic as possible.

Just like my LEGO Broadside,  I took
heavy inspiration from USS Nimitz Aircraft carrier. 

There are 4 propellers at the back of the ship.  The rudders might be oversized though compared to the real deal.

To keep the ship upright on the surface from tilting, I have implemented a pair of  (retractable) stilts in front of it, to align with the big rudders at the back.

Intending to have the hull completely in red all the way , it was foiled by the ball joints that only comes in grayish tones.

The back of the ship is my "playground" for me to add minor detailing and all.

This retractable pulley was the finishing touch to my project . It served a very unique purpose in the robot mode later on.  


Side by side  with my  LEGO RMS Titanic built few years back.

The Titanic is just 4 studs wide ,  but it's longer than my aircraft carrier by about about 6 studs.


Transformation is a simple as it gets! Optimizing the engineering  and reducing the steps involved is an "artform" in itself.  


Note how the ship pulley mentioned earlier, ended up as the crest on the robot's head.


I'll let the cool photos do the talking here...


Yep... my Titanic is a Transformer too!! (click here for video)

They're best of buddies....

..with occasional punches thrown at each other. 


 Thanks for supporting my LEGO Transformers .   This creation of mine will eventually be featured in my youtube channel. Click here to pay a visit there and please subscribe to my channel  too!   

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  1. What name do you thing this guy should have, and do you think he should be Autobot, Decepticon or Mercenary?


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