Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Transformer Hovershark from LEGO Creator set 31088

Last year, I used the set above to build a Transformer space cruiser. This time around, I rebooted this set again and try a different kind of alternate mode.

Recap: Old Space Cruiser Design

I loved his robot mode but the space cruiser mode was not refined in a sense that both wings weren't tabbed/pegged together,  so they tend to not aligned with each other.

Click here for more photos and building instructions.

New Design aka Hovershark: Origin

Hovershark was marooned on earth about 200 years ago, taking up shark as a disguise. Everything went well until humans began to actively hunt for real sharks.  

Finally he was targeted and injured after a collision with a ship,  barely able to escape the waters to reach the dock. There, he managed to scan another alternate mode. Due to him not being in optimal condition.... the scanning was incomplete, causing  his hovercraft mode retaining some of the shark features.

Despite no longer able to navigate under the sea, his new mode bestowed him with high speed engines, outrunning all earthen ships and sea vehicles.

The shark livery on his mode inflict terror to humans that come across him in the middle of the ocean.


The vehicle mode is very secure with no wobbly components, as the legs are pegged together to the side of the vehicle mode.

The vehicle rear with tail fins is my favorite design of all. Here's how it is folded to the back of the robot mode nicely.

Robot Mode

Stability is improved by implementing a wider footprint using 1 x 6 plates.

Kickass Poses

Click here to view building instructions. Thank you!


  1. cool, this can be his earth mode, have you be considering that the last moc you built out of this set was hovershark cybertronian altmode?

    1. Possible! Upon crash landing on earth's ocean bout 2 centuries and trying to adapt , he scanned a shark-like mode.


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