Monday, July 27, 2020

Transformer Arcee v2 from LEGO Overwatch set 75973 (D.Va & Reinhardt)

Sorry for the long wait!! This creation here was completed about 3 months ago actually...

... but due to the pandemic going on... I put her aside and focus on other more pressing matters in life.


When I got my hands on the set above late last year, I was planning to use the parts to build Arcee. However, I decide to challenge myself first.. by building Arcee v1 from just the D.Va mech from the set , sparing Reinhardt. (below). 

Arcee v1 was not transformable, so she's basically an Actionmaster. I decided to challenge  myself again by building Arcee v2 that can turn into a vehicle, only using parts from set above.

About Arcee v2

This one didn't took me long... she was 90% completed  within a month. And as usual.. I spent the rest of the coming months tinkering and enhancing this build.

I tried to implement the pointy spoiler on the vehicle rear but failed! 

My earliest concerns were concealing her head inside the vehicle mode. Guess things worked out well.

The set doesn't provide me with  wheels to work with. To give an impression of wheels underneath the vehicle, I apply some curved/rounded parts on where the wheels are supposed to be. 

Vehicle mode can fit one minifig snugly, as long as her hair (or helmet) is not too elaborate.

The beast above was built using remaining parts from the same Overwatch set.  With so many leftover ball joints for me to use, I simply can't help myself!

 Alternative Windshield Design

The windshield below was what I built initially at the early stage of this project, and it resembles original Arcee's vehicle rectangular windshield. 


Oh hi again Beast!


My favorite transformation involves  small vehicle panels at both sides:  they're folded inwards to add mass to the upper body . Such discovery was accidental really. Initially, they meant to fold outwards, alongside the bigger kibbles on her back.

Fembot Mode

A lil confession:  The wrist connection is illegal. Still swivel like a normal hinge would though.

More Poses

She's not without flaws though. The weakest links are the studded connections on her shoulder. What's assumed to be a 3-stud strong clutch strength... they are not up to my expectations.

I spent quite alot of time redesigning the legs to adjust the ratio between the calf and thigh length. Consequences from this?  I exhausted the knee joints / hinge plates.  Ouch!

Now this is a bit of a stretch!

Even More Photos!

Ok pooch! Go and fetch Springer for me!

This version of Springer  is from 3rd party company Open Play.

"Let's dance!"

With Takaratomy MP Ultra Magnus

Building Instructions

Building Instructions is available now! Click here to purchase it from my shop in (going cheap! just USD2.9)


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