Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Kai's Mech Bug aka Insecticon Shrapnel from Ninjago set 71707

I'm at it again! This time, it's a reboot of my LEGO TF made from Ninjago set 71707. Why this set? Well...

...I found my earlier attempt  (below)  had a few annoying flaws: one of them is poor stability, due to the weak hinged feet and heels.

Another downer I discovered during disassembly:  the excessive weight imposed on the nosecone hinges have destroyed their clutch powers . Those hinge parts are pretty much useless now, and won't be used  in my reboot here.


Click here for more photos of the creation above.

About Project Mech Bug

While building the Ninjago Transformer above  back then, I had a strong Insecticon vibe from those transparent green blades. Instead of building that exact Insecticon/Kickback, I ended up building his peer (Shrapnel*) instead.

*If memory served me well,   I once built Shrapnel (insect mode) using my very first LEGO set 6656 as a child more than 30 years ago.  

Actually, the pincers can  be built using just the jet tail fins, but I insisted on using the blades. These parts are just too cool not to be utilized!

The cute lil' insect feet are made possible by the bunch of Kai's hand held weapons provided in the set. Here's another LEGO TF Scorpion I made few years back with tiny feet.

His stinger tail is retractable


Shrapnel Mode

Staying true to the original G1 Insecticon Shrapnel robot mode, where both his pincers unfold and pointing up. 

My Preferred Robot Mode

I personally preferred the pincers to be folded to the back. 

Look Ma! I'm standing on one leg!

As usual, building instructions will be available soon! 


  1. Awesome!

    I always wanted Shrapnel when I was a kid, it was my favorite Insecticon

    I'll Buy that set just to build this Masterpiece!

    Thank You very much for your incredible designs!!!


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