Thursday, August 13, 2020

Transformer Twinjet from LEGO Creator set 31086

Last year, I used the set above to build a Transformer space cruiser. Recently, I rebooted the set again to build a twinjet above.

About My First Attempt

Set 31086 has a pretty limited number of parts (about 160 including spares), so being able to create a LEGO Transformer from there was quite an achievement indeed. Note the lean legs and small footprint due to lack of parts to even design a proper feet for him!

If you're interested to built this guy, just watch the video tutorial below:

About Twinjet, my latest attempt

As the name suggests, Twinjet is a jet plane with twin nosecones and cockpits. Either pilot can take control of the plane.


Robot Mode

Compared to earlier version, this one here has bulkier leg design and wider footprint for better stability.

The forearm didn't changed much though, since I must retain the onverted curved part for knuckle holes.

Folded jet wings contributed the back heels. One of my biggest challenge in this project was to ensure the knee joints articulation are not compromised by such mechanism.

View Building Instructions

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