Sunday, December 22, 2019

LEGO Christmas Train Transformer! (updated with video)

He's finally chugging in!

(24 Dec 2019 Update: Video is Live Now!)

About this Project

Last month I came across  my friend's inspiring LEGO Xmas train creation and I immediately wanted to build one on my own!  Yes I'm that spontaneous ! From that point onwards, I put aside my current work in progress (sorry Astrotrain!)  to commit on this one.

Train looks familiar ? Yes... I took quite a bit of design cue from official LEGO Train set 10254.

The Xmas tree carriage has the honor of taking up most of my building time.

The  "door" at the back of the train will be folded out to become connectors to form robot arms from 2 of the carriages.

Due to obvious reasons, I am unable to use real LEGO train wheels for this creation. Luckily, aligning the fake wheels onto LEGO train tracks was not as hard as I expected. Phew!

Let's Split It Up!

Below are unintentional* homage to an 80's cartoon/toyline M.A.S.K  , where conventional vehicles turned into war machines, manned by humans wearing a huge mask. 

*Coz I never intended this creation to have offensive/combat abilities whether in robot or train mode. 

Robot Mode

With Metroplex

They both are of similar height, and shared a chunky-looking 6-stud-wide lower legs.

Oh yea... click here for more photos of my Metroplex.

Merry Xmas Everyone!  I shall be publishing a video of this creation in my youtube channel soon! 

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