Thursday, January 2, 2020

LEGO Transformer A-wing from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Happy 2020 everyone!  This is my last LEGO creation for 2019,  and a submission to a challenge to build Star Wars themed LEGO Transformer in LEGO Transformers FB page but....

.... I mistakenly overshot the deadline ! I kept assuming the due date is end of Dec 2019 but actually it's about  10 days earlier.

(2019/02/18: Updated with video)

About this Project

I started the ball rolling by googling photos of Star Wars vehicles. Many of them weren't suitable for me to get started (X-wings,Y-wings ,Tie fighters etc),  due to wide wingspan/wing structure.  Finally... I discovered A-wings. Amongst the many variants, the blue accent of RZ-2 (featured in The Last Jedi)   one really caught my eyes.

I was almost 99% done building when new year 2020 arrived, but can't help myself from tinkering further with the engines and the tailfins to get the hoops aligned. Below are some of the earlier designs, which I uploaded in my Instagram (alanyuppie78):

This is the first time I'm using a 1x3 jumper plates with 2 studs for my LEGO creations. Connected to the yellow hoops, allowing them to align with the engines.

Design limitations disallowed me from building a cockpit for a minifigure to sit inside. The least I can do is apply some greeblings to make it looks like one:  navigation panel ,steering and all.

Another noteworthy stuff to point out is the distance /gap between the weapons and the vehicle mode. It used to be 1-stud wide but I think it's too far out. I managed to reduce it to half a stud distance.


As you can see, my initial tailfins design allowed more flexibility instead of the final one , which are stuck to the engines. This means in robot mode, I can't swivel these tailfins to a more desired angle/position.

Robot Mode

He's already weaponized on his arms, so I won't be building a weapon for his to hold in his hands. 

The stud on the back of left leg complements the hole on the right leg. They allowed for 2 halves of the vehicle front to be connected.

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