Thursday, December 5, 2019

(Updated with video tutorial) LEGO Transformer Space Cruiser from Creator set 31086

This set surprised me! Due to the sub 200-parts count, I didn't expect to successfully build a LEGO Transformer from this set.

20th Jan 2020: Video tutorial is now up!

31/1/2020: IMPORTANT UPDATE! Some viewers discovered problem building the right arm, due to missing 1x1 gray tile. To fix this, please use a 1x1 transparent green part as a substitute instead.

The design of this jet is similar to Misfire, an official G1 Transformer character. I made a LEGO Misfire a while back (vid below)

Ok let's return back to this space cruiser...

I spent alot of my time refining the rear end of the jet aka robot legs, due to limited parts available from the set. Initial design for the legs were once very scaffolding-like and very fragile.


Robot Mode

He's very articulated as shown from these photos. He even kneels!

With another LEGO TF Space Cruiser I made earlier, also made from an official LEGO Creator set 


Scroll to the very top of this article coz that's where the video tutorial is. Thank You!


  1. Are you going to make transformers out of the $10 marvel mechs that are coming out next year?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Probably.. If they're on clearance. Might need to pair each with another (cheaper, non mech) set to make a TF though.

  2. Alan,
    Thanks for the hard work!
    We love your creations.
    I got this set to do this one with my daughter (she is 6) and she loves making these with me, but then realized there are no instructions.
    We just started a few weeks ago. We already have made 2 of them.
    Are you going to provide instructions for this one?
    Also, are you going to make more cars froms these 3 in 1 creator sets in the future (from current sets?) If so, what other sets should we get?
    Thanks for the hard work.
    Jonathan S.

    1. Hi ! thanks for the support! Yep, instructions will definitely be published soon (hopefully by this month end) but in the form of video tutorial. I'm reorganizing my lego room* now to make it more conducive for photography and video shooting.

      For this year, here's my potential picks for LEGO TF prospects:

      - Ninjago mech 71707
      - Creator fire dragon 31102
      - Creator 31100 + ironman mech
      - Creator 31099 + spiderman mech

  3. Any plans to make transformers out of the 2 2020 Ninjago dragon sets like Jay's Cyber Dragon or the Empire Dragon?

    1. thanks! As for the 2 dragon sets you mentioned, that depends on whether I managed to snag them as a discount out not (this usually happens during year end/Xmas sales).

      I usually start with cheaper sets since they won't be too prohibitive for others that wishes to build by LEGO TF , but on a budget.

  4. Hi Alan Im new to your page and I bought this set to make it. But I notice I need other pieces as well. I thought it was just based of the LEGO in the set only and not additional ones. I only get legos once a year. But it’s still cool. To see all your TF.

    1. Yes, it's using only the parts from 1 set.

      Ps: I made an error for the right arm instruction that needed an extra part not from the set. Actually you can substitute that part with a spare part from the same set to complete this MOC.

  5. Yes I realized it later. I’m sorry but I love your page.. Will you continue to make more?


  6. It would be great with more instructions, you can find more ideas in here

  7. I found this a very useful article about lego, I hope you have more articles


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