Saturday, April 2, 2016

LEGO Guyhawk from Breastforce team Part 1 of 2: Fighter Jet mode and transformation

Guyhawk is a member of Breastforce, a combiner team from Transformers: Victory Series.\


From a team of 6 breastforces, Guyhawk is the first MOC  I started building back in Dec last year. He comes with Hawkbreast, his Breastforce companion.

  • The most demanding parts come literally from the front-end (read; the front and the back of the jet mode)
  • Front challenge:  The cockpit and nosecone were meant to fold to the back in robot mode, it resulted in huge kibble when my hinged mechanism only managed about a 130 degree range. I decided to apply another hinge on the nosecone so it can point upwards in robot mode to "synch" with both wingtips.
  • Back challenge: The 2 tailfins/stabilizers at the backside  must be folded away when Guyhawk in Combiner arm mode . This can be easily be designed if not the the extra 2 stabilizers on top of the plane's rear.

  • Another back challenge which I decided to accept is the implement the fighter jet engine. The existence of 4 stabilizers at the back leave no more room for another hinged mechanism for jet engine on top (See my LEGO Starscream). So I have to go "under" and have these jet engines to be folded up the robot's rear .
  • I attempted to distribute the mass of the stabilizers to the butt of the robot too initially but they turned into horrible buttflaps  , so I undo this design.

Side by side with his peers, Killbison

Combined with Hawkbreast

The landing gears can be folded up.

Transformation to robot mode

The aforementioned jet engines forming the robot's rear. Looks like a pair of bongos, don't they? =)

Part 2 Robot mode photos  will be up in a day or two!!

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