Friday, April 15, 2016

LEGO Drillhorn from Breastforce team Part 2 of 2: Robot mode

If you're new here, do visit Part 1 of this entry to enjoy the vehicle mode of this MOC and how the transformation went about. Done? Let's go...!

Notice the backheels are hinged. They can be folded out to accomodate poses which require wider footprints. 

"I saw a galaxy far, far away!"

With Hornbreast as weapon 


Hornbreast on Chest

Come to Papa!

With fellow brother-in-arm / leg, KillBison

Both Drillhorn and Killbison will form the leg for super robot combiner Liokaiser. 

...and not forgetting Guyhawk, another fellow Breastforce member that becomes the arm for Liokaiser.

MP Ironhide intercepted by Drillhorn

So now I've reveal half the members for Breastforce team that form Liokaiser. Thanks again for stopping by!!

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