Saturday, March 19, 2016

LEGO Killbison from Breastforce team Part 2 of 2: Robot mode and videos!

If you're new here, do check out Part 1 to see the vehicle mode of this MOC.

Done? OK let's move on to view remaining photos of the transformation to robot mode.

Killbison awakens!

The yellow wedge feet is a "faux-feet" because they are "powered" by hinged c-clips . They are easier to pry out from beneath the tank mode during transformation , but lacking the strength to support the bot mode upright. That is why I implemented another stronger supporting plate on the side (the yellow 1x4 stud length plate).

Unfolding the arms out.

Killbison stands proud!

The tank side panels on the legs help to secure the bent rubber tank treads and prevent them from popping off.


Notice the 2x2 curved flaps folded to the back that helps to secure the turrets.Without them... the turrets will swivel back down and rest on his booty. And talking about his booty, that is where the combiner port be folded and tucked neatly at. 

He's moving in for the kill!

Killbison "killer poses"!

One of my favorite photos of him

Killbison shoots!

Bisonbreast transform into a rifle to be held eeerm... latched on to Killbison's hand...


Pew pew pew pew !!

And for his last trick...

Showing his paternal instincts to his small companion. Come to papa !

Bisonbreast is pegged onto his chest via 3 studs. But this hinders the waist articulation of Killbison. 

Other antics

He's not worthy alright. 


Since you made it this far... here's a sneakpeek of one breastforce beast belonging to one of Killbison's  peer. The beast is not meant to merge with Killbison but I give it a try anyway. 

Practicing for upcoming limbo competition.

Side by side with another tank MOC of mine, Hardhead. I must say the latter really aged pretty well for a 3-year-old MOC!

Not known for his good sport, he went nuts after losing a mahjong session with the duck and the dawg...

..that's coz he lost it all that matters to him. 

Combiner limb mode

Killbison forms one of the legs for Liokaiser. The transformation is pretty simple from the tank mode.

One of his arms can be folded out to form the combiner toes. And one of his finger acts as the connector to secure this mode.

As a standalone (no pun intended) leg, it's still pretty hollow at the feet. This is where I integrated his minion, Bisonbreast again to pad things up to make the feet fuller.

(Updated!) Bonus videos


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