Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quickie of the Week #17: Upcoming MOCs sneakpeek

I'm very sorry not to update my blog as often as I could... that's coz I spent the last 4 months focusing my entire  leisure*  time building one of my favorite Transformers Combiner.

*That includes late nites when the lil one was tucked in to bed, and scraps of time (5-10 minutes) before I left for work.

I'm sure seasoned Transformers fans would know what I'm building this time =)

It all started last Nov 2015 when I remembered a vow to make that year as "Year of LEGO Combiner" for me, but I didn't produced any of them. So after a few weeks of planning , I decided to give it a go.

Busy hunting lions I see

The status of my MOCs are 99% completed and the combined mode is just missing a head , I shall take my own sweet time to build this final component.

Actually most of the MOCs had reached 90% completion in 3 months but I was very particular on the color scheme  (for eg. color of the horns on the beast-bot above). I even altered the tank barrels after  I snapped the photo above.

Due to scarcity of brown parts, I was saved once again by this years Mixels offering  which provided me with brown plates with c-clips . There's another Drill tank which might benefit from this year's Nexo Knights dark blue color scheme sets.

I wish to keep going but forced myself for a deadline to get it over with or else I won't be able to move on to my next project (another combiner perhaps?)

What a close call! The robot horns barely made it underneath the tank (tip of the horns covered by the yellow feet). Luckily they doesn't scrape the ground as I wanted my vehicle MOCs to be able to roll back and forth.

Anyway... prepare for a barrage of my 6 MOCs   in the coming weeks !!! ( one reveal per week to fortnite , starting this weekend!)

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