Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kidzexpo 2014

Well it's been 2 weeks since  Kidexpo ended . I must say the whole experience was really fun and it's not just about getting my MOCs exhibited , but meeting likeminded AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) and had a real good time tinkering with each other's display (managed to get some of my 'bots up there at the LEGO City scene, battling other mechs by the roadside, and perching on top of buildings and castle towers too!

And the icing on the cake were having long lost friends to come pay me a visit and made me feel old again. LOL.  

The photo above and below are courtesy from my partner, JK. 

We displayed Iron eer... Metalhide in various stages of transformation (that's 6 of him there!) and also a cross-section version too!


Dai Atlas and Alphaplex

JK complained Starscream shouldn't be there coz this MOC is one of my weakest. (He's not too keen on the jet nosecone). LOL.

Long Haul 

Dreadwing was retooled because during the course of cloning him, I forgot the steps to put him back together again.

Towmechas are NOT from Transformers(tm) universe.

Yes...Springers and Snapdragons in all their triple changing modes!

Scavenger won the rock-scissor-paper game against Bonecrusher, so he's eligible to join this exhibition. 

Blurrs and Ultra Magnii (That's plural for Magnus)

Optimus Primes with Hot Rod behind him. The green bot is Spring, made from one creator set (instruction here).

There are tons of other MOCs on display too! View the vid below made my fellow AFOLs.

And there's one more youtube vid that I failed to link and render here. Anyway, click below to view it from youtube's website instead =)

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