Sunday, November 30, 2014

Quickie of the Week #13: 4 days to LOM LUG Exhibition @ Kidzexpo 2014

Last week I saw myself cloning Blurr and Scavenger to be exhibited the upcoming exhibition under the upcoming Lego fans of Malaysia (LOM) LEGO User Group (LUG) banner,   as part of the highlights in Kidzexpo 

Well, making a copy of Blurr was pretty eventless.. with a bit of retooling on the shoulder . however.. .Scavenger required a bit more work....

Below was the lower half of Scavenger from few years ago. I found out the feet's stability will not stand the test of time (aka stay put during the whole 3 day's being displayed). This is because they're connected via technic pins. And he looks pretty awful with heels like that.

So I took the liberty of improving them  before I clone another copy of this guy. As you can see below, the mini-balljoints saved my day again! The range allowed by the balljoint allow the feet to be unfolded out with minimal redesign.

Ahh... much better....! 

Actually Bonecrusher was my first consideration to be cloned for the exhibition.Then I changed my mind coz Scavenger's vehicle mode looks waaaay cooler ..especially with the extended arm.

Actually after I published his photos in mocpages few years ago, I retooled Scavenger's excavator arm to make it more flexible and combiner-friendly , causing the arm to look uglier than before (I dare not show it here). Then the combiner-project was halted.  Last week I have to revert the changes back to the arm (as shown above) by referring back to the various photos I've snapped .

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