Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quickie of the Week #12: Preparing for Upcoming TCE Kidzexpo 2014!

As a proud member of Legofans of Malaysia (LOM) LEGO User Group (LUG) ,I am given an opportunity to showcase some of my beloved MOCs in the upcoming TCE Kidzexpo 2014 in Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia (my home country, obviously =)

This event will take place on Dec 05 - 07. For those of you who happens to be nearby (business or leisure trip or simply living in Klang Valley), do drop by to take a look. You might see me lingering around the hall admiring MOCs made by my fellow LOMers too.

I have much to write so this post is not really a "Quickie" after all. Let's go!

After confirming my participation last week, I immediately put a halt to my current project (refer to Quickie #11 posting) . I shall resume that after the first week of Dec I guess.

I started planning for this event by deciding on which MOCs to exhibit in their full glory. The term "full glory" here means I plan to showcase the bot modes AND their alternate modes as well. This means I need to clone them.

After estimating roughly the parts I need to clone my chosen MOCs... I hit bricklink and place my order from 2 shops. At that point , I have only a bit over 3 weeks left an prayed hard the parts will arrive in time. More on that later.

While waiting for the needed parts to arrive, I managed to clone a few MOCs with 99% accuracy.(pics below),

Cloning my MOC is not without its challenges. I have to rebuild them to cater for the parts I already have in abundance. Try doing that while ensuring it still transforms!  I'm actually severely lacking in tyres too!

If the smokestacks doesn't arrive soon, I need to retool my Ultra Magnus cab to have only one 'stack per cab.

I'm pleased to be able to clone Towmecha with my current inventory of parts. 

Actually I managed to clone 99% of the whole of Ultra Magnus so far (not just the cab as shown above), but I'm kinda lazy to piece each component together (limbs,body,arms) for this photoshoot. 

Of coz that's not the end yet. I have a few more MOCs to be cloned this and next weekend.

My Mission-Critical Bricklink Orders

Although I requested both sellers to expedite my shipping  , only one of them obliged and shipped the order a day after I made payment last Tuesday. And what's suprising is.... it finally arrived today! That's a speedy 9 days delivery time from a quarter a world way. Incredible ! Here , I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Toyburg @ bricklink. My order might just worth a paltry usd$30++, but your effeciency is top notch! Thanks!

As for the other order, seems like the shipping status was made about 3 days ago (that's 5 days after paid) . I just can hope it arrived within 2 weeks. 

A quick inspection of my new arrivals: blue slopes are needed for my clone of Ultra Magnus' legs. And those octagon shaped rings are needed for me to make two, yes... TWO more clones of Snapdragon, coz I plan to exhibit this Triple changer MOC in robot, dragon and jet mode. 

It's gonna be a busy weekend ahead. =)

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