Sunday, December 21, 2014

LEGO Springer v1.5 (updated with building instructions!)

Update 26/12/2014 ! Building instructions link / can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

As you can see from my previous posting, I cloned some of my favorites Transformer MOC to be exhibited. During the cloning process, I redesigned a few of them to be more stable and won't easily topple over from minor tremors on the display table. Springer (made in 2009)  ended up being redesigned almost 50% ,mainly on the torso and below.

The Original Springer from 2009

The speeder-tank mode is too top heavy /bulky.

One of the main weakness in Springer v1.00 robot mode  is the weak pelvis joint. The stability of the more-action poses on the legs are compounded by the back kibbles as well! Another pet peeve are the hinged tyres connected on the side of each thighs. They're held together by a flimsy one-stud connection each. 

Springer v1.5 Changes

I've decided to use the dual ball-jointed part for the pelvis, which is one of my preferred method from year 2011 onwards I think.

And the hinged tyres on the thighs are built from technic parts and pins too. Now they're latched on to the pelvis by a stronger 2-stud connection on each side.

Robot Mode

Lie him down flat and start transforming....

Speedertank Mode

Another improvement made is the speedertank mode ,which I think is now more streamlined as some simplifications are made to reduce the bulk and still maintain a decent, stable and thicker + longer robot legs too!

However... Such streamlining came with a cost of an even simpler rotor-rifles.

I just love how the robot legs/copter tailfins are folded outwards to become the vehicle spoiler! 

Transformation to helicopter...

Helicopter Mode

Did I overheard requests for instructions? Click on the link below to download it in the form of PDF file.


  1. ohh nice! you're gonna make instruction for this one too. :)

  2. after looking at the instruction, it appears that each half of the tailfin doesn't have locking mechanism for in helicopter mode, so would it mean that the tail fin would flopping around, if i'm swooshing him in helicopter mode?

    1. Yeah u r right. Actually i made provisions for that via the half rounded plate with a hole on each half o the tailfin but did not go all the way. You can actually connect a technic pin (part code 4274) to secure them. What I dislike about this is , the pin is kinda loose and wobbly too in the hole.

    2. i see. i guess there are some limitation too in this kind of moc sometimes...

  3. Tnx, it's great!
    Pls add part list


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