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LEGO Ultra Magnus: Part 1 of 3 (vehicle mode)

Ultra  Magnus  is a G1 Transformers character whose toy shared  the same cab mould as G1 Optimus. So the original toy version transformed into a white colored Prime robot, with his car carrier forming an exo-skeleton/armor for him... increasing his size tremendously. 

I am splitting this MOC photos to be published in few parts. This first and second part will focus solely on the vehicle modes, because of the sheer number of photos I wish to share with all you guys! 

Let's go!
31/12/2021 Update: Video is up folks!

With Rifle attached

I always wanted the weapons held by the robot be integrated into the alternate mode. This is because I tend to misplace them if they're not provided a storage/connection port. 

With Rifle Detached

In the original Ultra Magnus toy, the rocket launchers can be positioned in 2 ways. One of them is shown  below, and another , on both sides of the trailer. But this requires them to be  detached and reattached *read: partsforming). I decided to stick to one position , and they will stay there all the way till the robot mode (where eventually these rocket launchers will be located on his shoulders.)

The front part of the lower deck curving upwards is not intentional. This is caused by the pressure incurred by the whole trailer, and consequently, the trailer almost touched the ground! Luckily there's about 2mm clearance . I can still roll the vehicle back and forth , and the cab can still be rotated up to 40 degrees to either direction. phew!

From the very beginning of this project, I insisted the trailer base to be of a single color (red)  from end to end. But then I found out it's almost lacking details . So I decided to apply black stripes across the base. 

The grey hinged hooks shown below are last minute improvements. They act as stoppers to prevent 2 cars on top of the ramp from bumping into each other. 

The rocket launchers can be flipped upwards , part of the transformation to form the robot arms.

The Ramp

I found the back of the trailer in the G1 toy to be pretty bland with a singular color tone (blue).  I decided to apply grey stripes across them, and at the same time put in more safety features befitting real life vehicles....  foglamps! 

You might be wondering what is the purpose of the dark grey extensions on the back of the upper deck. Besides acting as stoppers for cars ,preventing them from falling off, these stoppers can be folded down to act as a near-smooth  connection to allow cars from the surface to climb up the upper deck without much resistance.

By now, I'm sure many of you would've managed to spot the robot fingers on the ramp. =) 

Up you go, Prowl!!

Tigertrack: Darn, I've missed the boat again!

Detaching the Trailer

Detached and on its own, the earlier mentioned curving-upwards lower deck/trailer bed is now back to its intended position, straight! 

Click here for part 2!

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  1. Do you have a transformable version of just the truck like Optimus prime but without the trailer I want to make it look like the evasion mode prime for aoe


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