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Sunday, June 29, 2014

LEGO Ultra Magnus: Part 2 of 3 (cab mode)

If you haven't read part 1 yet, click here to do so.  Otherwise..... enjoy!

Side by side with my Powermaster Optimus Prime MOC 

Ultra Magnus' head is concealed inside the cab

The cab contributes a bit of component to form the iconic T-shaped chestplate on UM's body, hence the blue parts you see underneath.

Group shots with my other MOCs

What's that complicated looking car-carrier next to UM? Click here to find out  !

Thank you for getting this far!!!

I guess you deserve some fun and quirky photos I've prepared for you below. behold...

A car carrier CARRYING a car carrier! What can be more cooler than that? Well....






A car carrier CARRYING a car carrier CARRYING a car carrier!

The smallest car carrier can even cram inside UM's lower deck snugly!

The midsized yellow truck is an official LEGO set: 60060 , which I've modified slightly on its upper deck. The smallest red cab , is a promotion item by Shell station (same goes for the mini cars too) . As for the trailer it's tugging , I've spent a few hours this morning to MOC it to pull off this stunt. Hope you guys are flabbergasted once again =)

More about the smallest Car Carrier

I'm sensing more curiosity by some of you out there towards this tiny MOC of mine. Here's more photos of them:

The photo above is not a fake! The upper deck is not supported by those stronger friction hinges, and it's still manage to hold the red car without bending down! 

Ok... and now it's a wrap. Ultra Magnus' robot mode photos will be published in about a weeks time or earlier. Visit my blog again soon ok? 

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