Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quickie of the week #6: Work in Progress ,counting down to Ultra Magnus!

I'm currently putting finishing touches to Ultra Magnus. Since it's been a while since I update my blog, here's a tiny sneakpeek of this MOC so far.

Do read on to view some pretty interesting photos on how I engineer the leg transformation. 

Original UM does not have proper toes, and I'm gonna change that by flipping one out from each leg, under the vehicle =)

The red ramps will be folded multiple times to tuck into the legs:

 The red hook will allow the white ramp to clip onto it, securing the leg formation.

I like how tyres are folded to face down as the soles, as if they're ready to cushion the pressure applied by the legs as he moves.

Visit my blog again in about one week's time to get new updates on project Ultra Magnus!

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