Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LEGO Ultra Magnus: A retrospective reminiscent

While setting up my current Ultra Magnus MOC for photoshoot, I've just found out my SD cards were totally unusable (yes, all 3 of them... one being a microSD). So I'm stuck with the limited internal storage in my digicam to be utilised.  Since I only managed to snap just half a dozen photos  so far, I'd guess why not I prepare this article to let you guys know about my past UM creations.


2005,  few years after I gotten myself out of the dark ages and being pretty new to bricklink marketplace, I was limited by the parts I owned.

This MOC complements Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP01) ,so it did not have a cab mode. 

The shoulder articulation were non-existent.... even though it can rotate 180 degrees (thanks to the turntable parts), but the raised arms can't be held on their intended position. Let's say the arms were limp =P

View more photos of this MOC in the link below:


This year I built a "Movie Style" Ultra Magnus. I made this one just in time for the 3rd Transformers live action movie, Dark of the Moon. I took the challenge of building a LEGO Transformers that looks "busy" with many shards on the overall body, and of course.. the chicken-legs as well.

In retrospect, I think I might have just overdone this MOC alot. There are too many moving/folding parts , hinges and all.. a huge effort to transform between modes. Always been displayed in robot mode presently, I transformed it back to car carrier mode just now, took me 15 minutes!

View more photos in my brickshelf gallery below :)

2014 (now!)

All 3 vehicles side by side. by the way, if you wanted more photos of Optimus Prime shown below,click here instead  :)

Keen eyed viewers might noticed I pinched the white parts off my 2011 UM cab and replace them with grey grill parts (yeah... sometimes scarcity of parts hit me out nowhere). My last few MOCs have been white in color so parts swapping happen =)

Click below for more info on this latest Ultra Magnus:

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