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Video Tutorial: Transformer Trypticon from LEGO Creator 31129: Majestic Tiger

This project was meant to be published on later date, but I expedite it due to a simple reason...

Prior to this one, I had made just one Transformer with LEGO set 31129 Majestic Tiger.  I think I must pick up the pace and be more productive with this set! After all, many of my other regular sized Creator sets have multiple Transformers alternate creations under their belt.


About 2 years ago... I made Metroplex from LEGO Creator: Space Mining Mech. (vid below)

Metroplex is a huge bot from G1 Transformers cartoon series.  He turns into a base and is an Autobot, the good guys team.  His counterpart in the bad guys team Decepticon.... is  Trypticon... a Godzilla-like creature that turns into a base as well.  Upon publishing video instructions of  Metroplex above.. I received requests to build *Trypticon as well!  

Since then, I've been trying to seek out LEGO sets that is suitable for this project, and finally....a year later (2022) .... LEGO Majestic Tiger was released... and the set fits the bill!

*Actually I did made a LEGO Trypticon many ,many years back..... 2007 if I'm not wrong.

Initially I opted for an all white stripe on his head, but that made him looked like a skunk! So I scrapped the idea! The alternative orange slope, co-incidentally looks like a windshield in his original G1 head.  

.The head was last to be built after a productive  sprint where I completed 80% of the project in about a week (then put it aside , headless, till recently!)

The spiky back served as stilts to keep the base mode upright 


Not forgetting Brunt, Trypticon's trusty tank with huge mega-cannon.

The arms used to be tiled up with orange parts, but I changed my mind: I think he has enough orange on him. The reversal is actually a blessing which you'll find out later on why. 



The first component I built in this project was the legs, and their splitting mechanism. (which I proudly announced in my Instagram on day-1 of this project!)


The colorful platform at each corner are the helipads.  The multicolor platform that mimic a particular country's flag is pure incidental!


Platforms unfolded from the sides  of his body were made possible with 2 ball joints on each side. 

One of the joy in this project was that I am still able to implement ramps on each side of the platforms. As a fan of G1 Transformer bases, smooth ramps are important for the smaller vehicles to enter and exit the base!


For Brunt the tank to dock with the base , half its wheelbase must be folded up, thanks to the hinged plates. I was left with 2 spare hinged plates unused for this project, which is kinda surprising, since they're so practical and I always found a way to utilize  them in almost all my previous LEGO Transformers!

Another joy of mine was also related to ramps.. the middle one this time: A distinct , unbroken ,almost-smooth white one running all the way to the top.


When under attack, base will undergo lockdown and weapons deployed , ready to strike back.


In the original G1 Transformers Trypticon, he has a wheeled mobile battle station mode that would give the Mortal Engines a run for their resources. 

However, lacking any  wheels from the set I used for this creation,  I think a space shuttle mode below ain't looking too bad and less threatening too!


Underside of the shuttle mode for clarity on how everything secured together. 

The open-stud arms I mentioned earlier in this article, actually served as a connection point to the folded legs to strengthen this mode. Due to the weight of the legs, they might still sag though when you picks up this  chunky looking shuttle!


Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Spare pieces from set 31129 were needed to complete this creation. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 

Arms and Cannons



Left Leg




Right Leg















The Rest





Video not showing? Click here please

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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