Friday, October 8, 2021

Video Tutorial: Transformer Razor Crest from LEGO Marvel set 76146 Spider man Mech armor


The alternate mode for this project was a last minute decision / U-turn from what's initially meant to be a generic looking space jet.


LEGO set 76146: Spider-man Mech armor was one of the first Marvel Mech armor set I bought January last year. And I've used the set to build Transformers of all kinds (click here to view them) : 
  • 2 built using the set alone
  • 2  built  by combining with parts from another set.
And my most recent creation from the set was a Transformer Tankmech (video below)

Video not showing? Click here please.


Early last year, my first Transformer /transforming mech made with set 76146 received mixed feedbacks: some complained about the flimsy nosecone, which I agreed. 

So about 2 months ago, I finally I decided to create  an improved version of the jet and started this project. After about 2 weeks of progress, I put this project on hold and focus on others.

Last week, I revisited this project again and found myself at a crossroad. The new jet mode didn't excite me at all . And I had problems aligning its wings .   So I dismissed the jet mode and fiddled* around with it many times.

*Contorting and moving the joints around to get a different outcome/alternate mode.

Finally, I dismantled almost everything (except the robot body) , and redesign it to resemble Razor Crest. This is a no brainer since this LEGO set contains many rounded parts... just perfect for me to build the tubular huge engines for the ship mode.


Razor Crest is the primary starship of choice piloted by the main character in Star Wars series: The Mandalorian. I was late to the party actually since this show was pretty hyped up more than a year ago, with Razor Crest being one of the main focus by the viewers (geeks and non geeks alike).





Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 



The Rest


If video is not showing above, click here please.

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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