Monday, January 18, 2021

Video Tutorial: Transformer Dronebot from LEGO Creator set 31111: Cyber Drone


When I first set my eyes on this set, I planned to pair it up with this year's (2021) Marvel Mech sets and build a Transformer.

Finally got hold of this set and unboxed it. I was surprised to discover many parts with technic holes with sizable number of pins, and a pair of ball joints too! So I decided to built a Transformer using just this set alone.

The design of the vehicle mode is coincidentally very similar to my Cybertronian Bumblebee I made almost a year ago.

Below is another mode that could accommodate a LEGO minifigure pilot.


The transformation steps are super simple so I guess I won't be showing them here.


Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 

Video not showing? Click here please.

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 


  1. I really like the look of this build. My only issue is it is very brittle

  2. Great transformer, enjoyed building it, thanks. I agree that it is britle. I added wings to the head and expanded the head with part 98100 (Brick Round 2 x 2 Truncated Cone) put 41705 (Brick Special 1 x 1 with Studs on 2 Sides) on that. Placed 2 4697b [Pneumatic T-Piece (T Bar)] in the sides and clipped the wings 44676 (Flag 2 x 2 Trapezoid with Flat Area between Clips) on it.
    Lookes cool on robot and flying machine!


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